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Differences between our ethical Broadband packages

Published date: March 2023

Your Co-op Broadband offers climate-positive packages to members and customers that all come equipped with a router, care package, unlimited data and carbon-cutting, to reduce your footprint each month by up to 10kg. Though there are some key differences between our 4 different offerings.

What unlimited broadband deals do we offer?

Your Superfast fibre broadband

Superfast broadband provides a fast internet connection that has a download speed of 38Mbps and an upload speed of 9.5Mbps. It’s now the most common type of internet connection UK-wide - with 96% of homes being able to access some form of superfast fibre broadband connection. This package includes our standard fault care to quickly address any issues with your service and inclusive line rental and a router.

A superfast fibre broadband service can support multiple people surfing online at the same time, without speed dropping, which is why it’s suitable for home life as well as home business use. Superfast fibre broadband is faster than ‘Standard broadband’ or ‘Normal’ options which generally have download speeds of less than 30Mbps.

Your Superfast Plus fibre broadband

This is an upgraded package from Your Superfast, with the key difference for users being the download speed of 76Mbps and upload speed of 19Mbps. A faster service can support more devices at the same time with a faster internet speed for each user - including a faster working-from-home experience.

The wider package is very similar to Your Superfast, as it includes our standard fault care to quickly address any issues with your service with an inclusive line rental, a router, plus evening and weekend calls.

Your Superfast Enhanced broadband

Your Superfast Enhanced has the same download speed of 76Mbps and upload of 19Mbps as Superfast Plus, though the overall package is improved. The care package is upgraded to a 20-hour fault fix target from the moment of reporting, premium line rental, though the same inclusive evening and weekend calls.

Making this package highly suitable for busy homes with numerous streaming devices, home workers and even small businesses that operate from home.

Your Ultrafast broadband

Your Ultrafast is our fastest fibre broadband package available, with a download speed of 900Mbps and upload speeds of 100Mbps - it is the peak of performance for fibre broadband. These speeds can cater for small businesses using smart tech and heavy cloud services, home workers and the busiest households that stream 24/7, needing unrivalled ultrafast speeds.

Also included in Your Ultrafast is our best fibre care package, premium/critical, with a fault fix target of 8 hours from the moment of reporting, as well as Your Ultrafast router.

Broadband packages summary

Your Superfast

  • Download speed of 38Mbps and upload speed of 9.5Mbps.
  • Standard care for faults

Your Superfast Plus

  • Download speed of 76Mbps and upload speed of 19Mbps
  • Standard care for faults

Your Superfast Enhanced

  • Download speed of 76Mbps and upload of 19Mbps
  • Upgraded Standard care plus for faults (higher care packages are available)

Your Ultrafast

  • Download speed of 900Mbps and upload speed of 100Mbps
  • Premium/critical care package, with a fault fix target of 8 hours from the moment of reporting

Our most popular broadband, Your Superfast

The most popular broadband chosen by our customers, who are daily moderate broadband users - switch to Your Superfast Fibre package. This is ideal if you have a medium to large-sized home with multiple devices, regularly stream TV, play games online and much more. With download speeds up to 76Mbps, enhanced care options for homeworkers/small businesses and inclusive call plans it has everything you need.

Our most ethical broadband package, Your Ultrafast

The most ethical broadband package we offer is Your Ultrafast which is also our fastest service - offering average downloads of up to 900Mbps. The full fibre technology used in Your Ultrafast broadband uses over 80% less energy to deliver your connection and reduce its carbon impact on the atmosphere.

How does Broadband cut your carbon?

Your Co-op provides simple solutions for members and customers to reduce their carbon footprints with climate-positive Broadband, Mobile and Fairphone too.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, we can reduce your carbon emissions by a combined total of 10kg each month, just by using our ethical broadband. Your Co-op helps to fund monthly carbon reduction projects all over the world and plant a tree in growing forests for every new customer. To find out more about our climate-positive work, please visit here.


Please explore our unlimited broadband deals to see which you can have installed for your home.


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