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What is Superfast Plus IP Broadband? Including Digital Calls

Your Co-op Broadband offers Superfast Plus IP that's affordable, long-lasting, and designed for life after the Big Switch Off.

Our Superfast Plus IP service provides unlimited broadband use and includes Digital Voice. A perfect package for busy homes with multiple streamers, remote workers, and online gamers.

On average, the download speed is 66Mbps and the maximum upload speed is 20Mbps. Superfast Plus IP broadband includes our standard fault care package to address any issues in no time and a router.

Our superfast Plus IP Broadband is available on 12 and 24-month contracts to suit your needs.

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How our Superfast Plus Broadband compares

Average download speed
Contract length
Line type
Wi-Fi plus
Pay per Call ? Calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles cost the same, day or night.
Optional call packages
Climate positive
Award-winning customer service
Superfast Plus IP
12 or 24 months
Digital voice
Optional add-on
Superfast Plus
12 or 24 months
Optional add-on
12 or 24 months
Optional add-on
*dependent on package
12 or 24 months
Digital voice
Optional add-on

What is Digital Voice? 

Digital Voice, also known as VoIP, is simply the next generation landline that is adapted to work with broadband that won’t be affected by the Big Switch Off in 2025.

If you have a Digital Voice/VoIP phone, you can plug the phone cable into your Wi-Fi router, instead of straight into the wall. Superfast Plus IP includes Digital Voice as part of your broadband service, so with a simple switch you can carry on just like before but better connected.

Benefits of your included Digital Voice service

A landline-style telephone can still prove to be a handy communication tool for your home or home workers, so not all incoming calls go to your mobile. Here are some of the benefits of VoIP.


Built on a secure and robust platform, supported by dual connectivity layers and multiple carrier interconnects.


Allows you to use any digital call-making device, for instance, if you already own VoIP hardware.


Offers all the features that you currently utilise through your PTSN services and much more.


Easy to use, set up and no maintenance.


Inbuilt fraud prevention.

Feefo awarded Customer Service

Your Co-op Broadband has been presented the Feefo Trusted Service Award for the 5th year running. We ensure our customers are always cared for, by delivering industry-leading customer service from our UK-based centre.
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of carbon reduction

Climate Impact Each Month

Your Co-op Broadband reduces your carbon footprint by 10kg every month and plants a tree in the Your Co-op customer forest. This is thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi, who will ensure 240kg of CO2e will not enter the atmosphere over a 24-month contract.

The trees planted each month will contribute to future decarbonisation and are not counted towards your immediate 10kg of monthly climate impact. 

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Members save more

Unlock exclusive savings on broadband and mobile services for Your Co-op members! Explore our member page to discover more about these fantastic offers and learn how to join if you're not already a member.

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Wi-Fi Plus to boost your broadband

Boost your home internet connection with Wi-Fi Plus. Simply plug in our Wi-Fi booster between the low-signal areas of your home and the router to achieve consistent coverage. If you ever need support for home connectivity, our tech team can resolve any issues in no time. 

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Big switch-off ready with Superfast Plus IP

The IP Transition or Big Switch Off is the retirement of the UK’s copper-based communication network which has been in operation since 1875. It’s vital your home or business is switched to SoGea or FTTP by December 2025 to remain connected.
Your Co-op Broadband is already experienced in transitioning premises of all sizes quickly and fuss-free.

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