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Your Co-op Business Solutions Voice Studio

Create the perfect first impression for prospective customers, with our easy Business Voice Studio from just £10. Don't let subpar audio messages and sounds turn off your customers, who on average spend 20% of their call time waiting on hold. Turn this void into a great opportunity to engage people with your products or services and make this the first part of a pleasing customer journey.

How does Your Co-op Business Solutions Voice Studio work?

Business Voice Studio has been to fit any business and can provide your bespoke recording order in the same week or instantly with help from Ai. Simply request the audio you would like in your free-to-use portal to create your bespoke messages.

To help you pick the perfect in-queue and on-hold audio, we have an intuitive Ai assistant for instant recordings and over 350 voice artists for IVR in over 50 languages. You can explore a catalogue of over 10,000 scripts and recordings, for every industry sector. Our on-hold and in-queue music is radio quality and from a wide variety of genres, with no fees required.

If your business wishes for a bespoke set of audio recordings, our voice artists will professionally record them and our studio editors will quality-check them, which is all included in the service. In fact, all recordings are backed by a 100% satisfaction and voice guarantee.

Alternatively, using our intuitive Ai voice assistant couldn’t be easier, once you have your Voice Studio license and registered, simply plug in your websites URL and the Ai assistant can generate messages based on the content on your website, which you can then completely edit the script, music and voices. 

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Why Business Voice Studio? 

Provide your business with an easy-to-use tool that opens up new possibilities and helps maintain potential customers' interest and convert into sales or sign-ups. There's no need to pay a third-party studio to create your audio messages. We make it easy for customers with a simple menu to navigate and professionally recorded welcome messages, out-of-hours announcements, messages and music whilst on hold or in a queue.

Effortlessly set up your account which will open up a portal to deliver bespoke in-queue and on-hold audio, communicating critical information to customers for a superior experience. 

Whether you wish to harness our business Voice Studio's full potential as an audio marketing tool or use it to help provide outstanding customer service with bespoke IVRs, you will have a tool that helps to educate and engage for sales or sign-ups.  

User benefits of Business Voice Studio 

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Improved caller experience with out of hours services or voicemail.

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Instant professional recordings using the Ai assistant with advanced text-to-speech technology.

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Bespoke recordings from 350+ real voice artists with a range of languages and dialects. 

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Excellent upsell opportunities and to have more returning customers.

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Vast library of license-free music playlists to stream together with your on-hold messages.

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Pre-recorded marketing and comfort messages to simply use straight away, or tailor and add into your on-hold or queue compilations with music and stream instantly.

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Streaming compilations enables you to schedule a Christmas music playlist and date stamp your on-hold messages to play at the right times throughout the year.

Listen to sample voices and compilations below:

Become a sustainability champion!

Cutting your business’ carbon footprint has never been easier, thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi. Our Climate Positive Business products reduce up to 10kg of your monthly carbon, per user. Hit your sustainability & CSR goals whilst improving your business profile by switching. You'll be creating an immediate climate positive impact on our world and future decarbonisation too, as a tree is planted in our growing forests every month. Putting people and the planet before profit.


Trees planted


Tonnes of carbon reduction

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Sales & Business Development

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