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Top tips to cut broadband and mobile bills

Posted April 2022

83% of adults in the UK reported an increase in their cost of living in March 2022, everything from food and energy to transport. It's no surprise that many of us are looking at areas to cut down and save. But one things for certain, hardly any of us want to cut down our use of phones and internet! read more

4 Sustainable Swaps (Beyond Fairtrade Fortnight)

Posted March 2022

Awareness activities and national campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight have become increasingly popular and encouraged more of us to swap our daily habits and make conscious choices that positively impact both the planet and people. read more

The true cost of gold in your mobile phones

Posted February 2022

Crammed with all your contacts, photos, memories, and the device that keeps you connected to work, friends and family 24/7, your mobile phone is a very precious piece of technology. But it’s not just what you save onto it that makes it valuable. Your smartphone contains dozens of minerals and materials sourced from all over the world each with their own complex supply chain. read more

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