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Fairphone 5 deals

Fairphone 5

The Fairphone 5's modular design revolutionizes the way we think about smartphones. It extends the device's lifespan by making repairs and upgrades straightforward, thereby reducing electronic waste.
By choosing the Android powered Fairphone 5, you're not just selecting a phone; you're supporting a movement for a more ethical and sustainable future. Demonstrating that technology and responsibility can go hand in hand.
Fairphone 5 transparent

Designed for you. Made fair.

50MP Camera
Premium 50MP dual-camera system with next-gen intelligence for the sharpest snaps, ultra-wide landscapes, and finely focussed selfies. Always action-ready when exploring the world, you can rely on your Fairphone 5 to capture every moment smoothly with video stabilisation.

Android 13
Adaptable and unique, Android 13 can mould to your way of working with its range of customisable features and versatile styles, all with the added benefit of boosted security.

Dynamic OLED display
Enjoy smooth scrolling on a vibrant 6.4-inch OLED display with a 90hz refresh rate. Protection is key with a durable Gorilla Glass screen that’s easily replaceable.

E-waste neutral
Every new Fairphone 5 user actions the recycling or refurbishment of an old smartphone, ready for a second life. This process makes the Fairphone 5 e-waste-neutral as all the new material brought into the market is 100% compensated for.

Modular and repairable
A modular design of 10 parts defines the repairable Fairphone 5. With just a screwdriver, you can swap a screen or battery with ease. This is sustainable technology that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Superfast 5G
Superfast connection, no matter the location with 5G capabilities on the Fairphone 5.

What’s Inside your Fairphone 5

Fairphone 5 battery


The first smartphone battery to be made truly sustainable with fair cobalt and lithium, Fairtrade Gold, 100% recycled tin and steel, and 75% recycled plastic. You can even fast charge to 50% in 30 minutes and swap out the whole battery in under 3 minutes.

Fairphone 5 OLED

OLED Display

Never miss the details on your super-smooth OLED screen. Replacing a display has never been easier, with just 8 screws to turn, you can swiftly swap in a new screen.

Fairphone 5 USB-C

USB-C Port

Did you know that if you drop any smartphone, the part that is most likely to be damaged is not your display but actually the USB-C Port? From charging, data transferring, and plugging in earphones, the USB-C Port is a key element to your smartphone functioning, which is why Fairphone make it simple to switch out.

Fairphone 5 battery


Zero-distortion sonic clarity drives the sound and conflict-free and fair materials bring sustainability, delivering crisp audio for every occasion. Just unclip, screw and replace to keep your Fairphone 5 beating.

Back Cover

Customise your Fairphone 5 with swappable covers made from 100% recycled plastic in black, sky blue, and the unique transparent edition with the inner workings on display.


Never lose anything in translation, enjoy crystal clear calls with an earpiece that’s made fair and designed to be swappable if you ever need to.

50MP Cameras

Level up your selfies, capture the widest shots, and take on tough terrain with confidence as there’s always image stabilisation to centre your videos. All 3 cameras are easily and individually changeable if you ever need to affordably swap in a new lens for life’s moments.

Top Unit

A hub for all things functional, the top unit houses the SIM slot, SD slot, image processor, camera flash and fitting, and torch. Thankfully, a part so complex is simple to swap out if you ever need to, just unclip, unscrew and you’re ready to replace the all-important top unit.

5-year warranty & 8-year software support

Fast, reliable, and future-proof, the Fairphone 5 has at least 8 years of software support and a 5-year warranty. Enjoy the longest-lasting, manufacturer-protected smartphone on the planet. Just remember to register your 5-year extended warranty here.

5-star Fairphone 5                                            

The 5-star Guardian review of the Fairphone 5 reflects how its sustainability and longevity aren't only industry-leading but influential to other tech companies too.

“The Fairphone 5 is another big step forward in addressing the waste of the smartphone industry, with the Dutch outfit showing other manufacturers that long-term support is possible”.

“Up to 10 years of software updates is simply unheard of, gaining it an extra star”.           

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woman holding a Fairphone 5 up to her face

Most ethical mobile for People and Planet

The Fairphone 5 is made fair with 14 focus materials, including Fairtrade Gold and responsibly sourced and recycled metals and plastics. During the sourcing and production process, Fairphone prioritises environmental health, sustainability, and worker safety, earning SA8000 Certification for industry-high standards. Learn more here about the people behind the Fairphone 5.

Climate-positive SIM and Fairphone 5

Pair the world’s most sustainable smartphone with a climate-positive 5G SIM with unlimited calls & texts on the No.1 EE network with superfast 5G, Wi-Fi Calling, and free EU roaming, so you can always be connected, even on holiday.

Every month, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 10kg and have 6 trees planted per year, making sustainability an everyday ease, thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi.

What's in the box?

If you don't need it, it's not included!

Fairphone 5 FAQs

What operating system does the Fairphone 5 use?

The Fairphone 5 comes with Android 13 OS, providing the latest and greatest utility and customisation for a modern smartphone. 

How does the Fairphone 5’s camera performance compare to other smartphones?

The Fairphone 5 rear dual-camera system and selfie camera are all an impressive 50MP, with fine detail, image sharpness, selfies, 4K videos and the low-light mode being particular strengths against other smartphones.

Can I replace parts of the Fairphone 5 myself?

Yes, the Fairphone 5 has a 10-part modular design which enables you to unscrew and unclip individual elements of your phone from home. Swapping in new modules is made very easy if you ever need a new screen, battery or back. You can find the affordable modules for sale on the Fairphone website.

What are the sustainability features of the Fairphone 5?

Sustainability shapes the Fairphone 5 with 70% fair materials, made up of a combination of recycled, responsibly sourced and Fairtrade Gold. The design is entirely modular, so no matter the damage or wear your Fairphone 5 has, you can easily and affordably swap in a new part which minimises e-waste. Not to mention the Fairphone 5 is an e-waste-neutral device, so with every purchase the equivalent weight of e-waste is recycled or refurbished for a second life. 

How does Fairphone 5's battery life compare to other smartphones?

The Fairphone 5 has a 4200mAh battery with the ability to charge to 50% in just 20 minutes and is made fair using Fairtrade Gold, 100% fair cobalt, 100% recycled tin solder, 80% recycled metals and 75% recycled plastics. Delivering all-day battery life that doesn’t cost the planet, not to mention Fairphone 5 users can affordably purchase a spare battery that can be swapped in just 30 seconds to double the battery life. 

How does Fairphone ensure ethical sourcing of materials for Fairphone 5

Fairphone works very closely with their suppliers and ensure fairness throughout the supply chain for workers and the environment. Fairphone has their own Fair Sourcing Principles, which means that they target small scale mines in areas where human rights and environmental risks are present and actively invest to improve the practices, treatment and fairness so there is positive change for people and planet. 

Is the Fairphone 5 compatible with all wireless carriers?

Yes, the Fairphone 5 is compatible with all wireless network carriers across the world. For 3G, 4G and 5G Fairphone will get at least one band of signal strength anywhere in the world. 

What warranty options are available with the Fairphone 5?

The Fairphone 5 has an industry-leading 5-year warranty made up of 2-years industry-standard cover and an extended 3-years which you need to register after purchase. Additionally, there is also industry-leading software support of 8-years with the Fairphone 5 and you don’t need to register to active this.

What is the Fairphone 5 IP rating?

The Fairphone 5 has an improved rating of IP55, which provides limited protection from dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction. This makes the Fairphone 5 ideal for all-weather use, despite its totally modular design.

Where can I buy the spare parts for the Fairphone 5?

You can purchase affordable modular parts for the Fairphone 5 here.

Are modular parts of the Fairphone 4 compatible with the Fairphone 5?

No, you cannot share parts between the Fairphone 4 or 5. Each Fairphone has its own unique set of modular parts which can be purchased here

How long will the Fairphone 5 last?

The Fairphone 5 is made for longevity with a repairable design, 5-year warranty and 8 years’ worth of software support guaranteed. The Fairphone 5 can last for as long as 10 years, or potentially even longer. 

How long will the Fairphone 5 battery last?

For typical daily use of the Fairphone 5 with 5G connectivity, phone calls, and regular screen use at 90Hz (refresh rate), the battery will last for 36 hours.