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Your Co-op Customer review
Your Co-op Customer review
Your Co-op Customer review
Your Co-op Customer review
Your Co-op Customer review

Your Co-op Feefo Reviews

We are delighted to have been given the Feefo 2024 Trusted Service Award for customer service, recognising our team’s hard work and dedication.
Hearing from our customers drives our commitment to provide the highest quality of service and sharing their experiences with other potential customers.

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How our team provide award-winning UK-based customer service

The high-quality customer service we provide is what sets us apart from other telecom providers and is due to our dedicated, friendly, and helpful team members. 

Feedback provided from our members, both positive and not so, is all fed back to the team to celebrate, or to help us understand where we can improve, everyone makes mistakes, but we like to think we learn from them!. Every member of the team cares about the service they provide and strive to deliver their best when answering our customers emails, telephone calls and online orders. Always looking to give best advice to ensure our members get the best package, value or service for them, not us! And of course for anyone who isn’t a member we love to talk about why we think you should become one!

The 2 UK based call centres are both made up of friendly teams where there is always support ready if we need it. We are given time to keep up to date with information and highly encouraged to engage and support ongoing projects which helps broaden our knowledge and allows us to feedback real time events and issues as they arise. 

We believe this is the best recipe for delivering our award-winning customer service.