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Fairbuds XL, Headphones by Fairphone

Wireless over-ear headphones with noise-cancelling bliss. 

Experience clear highs, warm mids, and deep bass tones that deliver well-balanced brilliance. And when you wear headphones made from recycled, Fairtrade and responsibly sourced materials, you're helping people and the planet with every listen.

Shop now £219

exploded view of the Fairbuds XL in green

Modular means repairable

Your headphones are not only foldable but also made from modular parts. The Fairbuds XL are repairable with 9 parts you can replace with ease. 

A 30-hour battery that's easy to replace in no time for more than all-day power.

Speaker cable
The harmonising connection for each ear that simply plugs in and out.

Headband base
Protect all-day comfort with 80% recycled plastic - simply lock it in and get back to your comfort zone.

Easily replace the centre stage of your versatile listening experience with voice assistants available. 

This band puts the head in headphones, letting you take on the most vigorous sound sessions.

Vegan headband cover
So plush you'll hardly know your Fairbuds XL are on - providing all-day comfort for your sounds. Simply slide off the band if you ever replace it.

Ear cushion
The comfortable fit you’re used to, thanks to plush vegan leather. If you need to replace, all it takes is a quick twist, a swap and another twist.

Speaker covers
Made from recycled plastics, these covers protect the centre stage of your Fairbuds XL and look good doing it. Well worth replacing, if it ever comes to it.

1.5m audio cable
Doubling up as both a charging cable and an audio wire for a traditional listening experience.

Premium performance that doesn't cost the Earth

Fairbuds XL in green

Superior sound

40 mm dynamic driver delivers well-balanced sound so you can hear as the artist intended. 

side view of Fairbuds XL in green

Hybrid active noise cancelling

Tune in or leave the room behind. You can activate your noise-cancelling feature at any time.

fairbuds xl in green closed

Industry-leading battery life

More than 500 charging cycles at 100%, built for long listening for years to come. 

top view of fairbuds xl in green

Seamless dual point connectivity

Two devices, no hassle. Connect and use two devices simultaneously for an uncompromised experience. 

bottom view of fairbuds xl in green

Dedicated app - IOS and Android

Unlock the full potential, your way. Choose between EQ presets, perform updates and even give your Fairbuds XL a unique name. 

Fairbuds App - Connect with any Bluetooth device

  • Make sound your own with signature EQ settings provided by the award-winning Sonarworks.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device on IOS or Android
  • Software updates.
  • Support at your fingertips.
fairbuds app home interface
fairbuds app settings interface
fairbuds app equaliser interface
woman holding her fairbuds xl around her neck

Environmentally sound for Bigger Impact

Producing new headphones is the most CO2-intensive part of production. That's why Fairphone builds their headphones for the long-run and invest in projects that reduce CO2 emissions during production. Climate-conscious headphones that take responsibility for our planet. 

man wearing his fairbuds xl

Fair materials inside and out

Fairbuds XL is made with 100% Vegan Leather, Recycled Aluminium, Recycled Tin, 80% Recycled Plastics and 100% Fairtrade Gold. Behind the scenes, workers are looked after through living wage bonuses and worker voice programs. Open and fair for people and the planet. 

woman wearing her fairbuds xl

Electronic-waste neutral

When you buy the Fairbuds XL, the identical weight of old electronics is recycled or refurbished. This means 100% compensation for the new electronics put into the market. 

Fairphone & Fairbuds XL Bundle from £40 per month

Fairphone is the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. Modular in design, made with Fairtrade and recycled materials, 5G ready, premium & updated camera, Dual SIM and backed by a 5-year warranty. 

business woman holding her fairphone 4

Fairphone 4, Fairbuds XL headphones & SIM bundle:

Fairphone 4 128GB
Fairbuds XL headphones
SIM (choose from 30GB & 100GB 30-day contracts)

From £40 per month

man using his fairphone and wearing his fairbuds xl headphones

Fairphone 4, Fairbuds XL headphones & SIM bundle:

Fairphone 4 256GB
Fairbuds XL headphones
SIM (choose from 30GB & 100GB 30-day contracts)

From £42 per month

woman holding a fairphone whilst wearing fairbuds xl headphones

Fairphone 5, Fairbuds XL headphones & SIM bundle:

Fairphone 5 256GB
Fairbuds XL headphones
SIM (choose from 30GB & 100GB 30-day contracts)

From £46 per month