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Fairbuds Earbuds from Fairphone - Premium Sound. Designed to Last

The world's most repairable premium earbuds, the Fairbuds with active noise-cancelling.

Bluetooth and wireless earbuds that deliver a comfortable, versatile and impressive sound space to make your own. Made from recycled, Fairtrade and responsibly sourced materials.

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exploded view of the Fairbuds in white

Premium Sound for all-day Listening

Active Noise Cancelling
Be in the room or leave it behind, It's up to you with controllable noise cancelling.

Titanium Driving your sound
Experience titanium-coated 11mm drivers that deliver a well-balanced and versatile sound, fit for every mood.

Connect 2 devices at once
Enjoy the convenience of seamless dual-point connectivity and switch between them with ease. 

EQ Adjustment in the Dedicated App
Available for IOS & Android, flick through EQ settings to get the perfect sound for your music and download all the latest software. 

Big on Battery life
Listen for 6 hours on a single charge and 20 hours with the charging case.

Get your perfect fit
One size fits all should never apply to earbuds. The Fairbuds come with three different ear tip sizes for your perfect fit. 

Auto-play and pause
Music pauses when you take out your Fairbuds, and resumes when you put them back in. Never miss a beat with the smart sense detection. 

Dual audio controls
Control your favourite playlist, volume and playback, just by using the surface of your Fairbuds.

Take a crystal-clear call 
Silence the world and hear every word with Environmental noise-cancelling technology. Take your calls and make recordings without worrying about background noise.

Available in black & white
Select your style for the modular and premium Fairbuds, in a black or white finish.

Modular Design that's made to last

Fairbuds in white

Easy to repair

The only truly modular and repairable Earbuds available today. Yours to open in seconds and to keep for years to come.

fairbud in black

Swap the Battery any time

Change the case and bud batteries if you ever need to with ease. Worn batteries should never mean the end of your tech. 

fairbuds in white

IP54 Water Resistance

Walking in the rain or working up a sweat, your Fairbuds can take on the day with you.

fairbuds in black

3-Year Warranty

Fairbuds come with a 3-year warranty.

Fairbuds App - Connect with any Bluetooth device

  • Make sound your own with signature EQ settings provided by the award-winning Sonarworks.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device on IOS or Android
  • Software updates.
  • Support at your fingertips.
fairbuds app home interface
fairbuds app settings interface
fairbuds app equaliser interface
two friends wearing their fairbuds in black and white

Made Fair for People and the Planet

Inside you'll find Fairtrade Gold, recycled plastics and metals and other responsibly sourced metals and materials using safe and more sustainable practices.
young woman wearing her white fairbuds

Made in fair factories with renewable energy sources

The people behind the Fairbuds are paid a living wage bonus and have representation and a voice in improving conditions and management. Whilst working inside renewably powered factories with some of the highest safety standards in the tech industry. 

young man wearing his white fairbuds

Electronic waste-neutral

For every Fairbuds sold, the equivalent weight of electronic waste is recycled, making them the only e-waste neutral earbuds in the world. 

woman wearing her black fairbuds

Made Climate conscious 

A modular design allows for longevity that stops the fast-paced turnover of tech, limiting the climate impact. The recycled materials also reduce mining and other production-related emissions, and Fairphone invests in Gold Standard-certified carbon reduction projects.

Frequently asked questions

What warranty does the Fairbuds have?

There is a standard 2-year warranty for the Fairbuds but users who register their warranty on Fairphone's website will receive 3 years. However, the modular and repairable design should mean they last for many years after the warranty period.

Which parts of the Fairbuds can be repaired/swapped out?

Pretty much everything you would ever need to swap or repair, you can. Here’s the full list of swappable pieces you can purchase directly from Fairphone:
  • Earbud (Left and/or Right)
  • Earbud Battery and Silicon Ring
  • Earbud Tips
  • Charging Case Outer Shell
  • Charging Case Core
  • Charging Case Battery

Are the Fairbuds water-resistant?

The Fairbuds' IP54 rating protects against sweat and weather, but complete submergence may cause damage.