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Fairphone £50 price drop offer

£50 price drop on Fairphone 4

£50 price drop on Fairphone 4


Fairphone 4. The greenest mobile on the planet.

Switching your mobile to the Fairphone 4 is an easy way to make a difference to the environment because it’s the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. 

Not only is it created from Fairtrade and recycled materials but you can upgrade parts yourself so you can keep it for longer. And when you sign up, we’ll help you make an even bigger difference to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint by 25KG a month.

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Fairphone 4 in green and grey

The Fairphone 4 bundle comes with:

*Please note, Your Co-op do not currently offer eSims

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Fairbuds XL Headphones – Superior sound, sustainably designed

Ethically made headphones from Fairphone with noise cancellation and sustainable materials and technologies to minimise environmental impact and maximise longevity. The Fairbuds XL offers a totally modular design to replace parts affordably so you can love the deep bass, warm mids and clear highs for longer. Enjoy a wireless experience with crisp and clear audio whilst chatting in the office, with friends or to smart voice assistants. All encased in recycled materials and Fairtrade Gold for climate conscious headphones that last for up to 30 hours between charges.

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Fairphone £50 price drop

£50 off the Fairphone 4

Enjoy £50 off the price of a Fairphone 4 or receive £50 bill credit when taking out a bundle. This limited time offer provides the perfect opportunity to take a new step into a sustainable world without changing your lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the most ethical mobile whilst you can save money, price now starting at £450.

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Buying an ethical smartphone doesn’t mean losing great tech innovation.

Not only does Fairphone 4 have great battery life, 25 MP for selfies and a 48MP camera, dual SIM, and 128GB as a minimum, but you’ll receive long-term support, regular software updates and a 5-year warranty.*

*When you purchase before 31/08/2023. Remember to register your warranty within 90 days of your purchase.

Top 5 reasons why people choose Fairphone over other smartphones read more.

Cut 31% of your phone's annual carbon footprint with Fairphone 4 

Use the Fairphone 4 for 5 years to reduce your mobile device's annual contribution to climate change by 31%. If you continue using your Fairphone 4 for another 2 years this increases to 44%. With a 5-year extended warranty and guaranteed software support through till at least the end of 2025, this is now a reality for all users.

Fairphone’s latest life cycle assessment report confirms that replacing or repairing parts of the Fairphone 4 significantly reduces the environmental impact. This is due to the bulk of emissions and finite resource consumption occurring during production. Read the full life cycle assessment report here.

Four stars for the Fairphone 4

"A five-year warranty and a pledge of six years of software support is far longer than any other Android manufacturer. And there’s nothing else on the market that is designed to be taken apart and repaired at home with just a standard screwdriver.''

Find out what The Guardian had to say about the Fairphone 4.

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Combining climate positive and Fairphone 4

Created with fair, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials, the Fairphone 4 already goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint for mobile use. Go further and add one of our climate positive SIM bundles and we’ll boost your carbon reduction by 25kg each month. Thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi, we fund monthly carbon reduction projects, creating a carbon offset for you when you pair the Fairphone 4 with a SIM bundle as well as a tree planted every month for future decarbonisation.

Find out more about Ecologi

woman using phone to take a photo

The Fairphone 4, four weeks on

''Knowing that by choosing to use a Fairphone, I am both lessening my footprint and advocating for a greener mobile industry, is something that cannot be understated. When integrating this switch alongside other lifestyle changes, we are consciously selecting a more hopeful future''

Amelia Crews, Energy Innovation Co-ordinator, Your Co-op Energy

Read Amelia's review of the Fairphone 4


Fairtrade for a fairer world

The minerals in your mobile come from artisan mines from all over the world. The Fairphone 4 is built from 100% recycled plastics and responsibly sourced materials such as Fairtrade gold and aluminium from ASI-certified suppliers, making it an eco smartphone. This means child protection policies are in place and the miners are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions.
That’s why we only sell ethical smartphones – it’s all about creating a better future for communities and the planet.


The most sustainable mobile is the one you keep for longer

The Fairphone 4’s modular design means it’s affordable and easy to take apart to access the phone’s screen, cameras, ports and battery, and you don’t need to be an expert to swap out the battery or display.
Upgrading your phone can become a thing of the past. You can simply replace and repair parts with an eco phone, reducing e-waste and emissions.

When replacing your old mobile, why not recycle instead? Read more.

green Fairphone 4 product image

Fairphone 4 has been awarded Ethical Consumers Best Buy! 

After being rigorously tested and evaluated at every step of its development, the Fairphone 4 has been awarded Ethical Consumers Best Buy product label. The research highlighted the key commitments and successes of human rights, supply chain management, workers' rights and company ethos. Whilst also appreciating the encouragement and challenge to the wider mobile technology industry, to adopt more ethical practices. Fairphone 4 is the only mobile phone to be awarded Best Buy.

Fairphone recycle an old mobile for every customer

Give even more back to the planet when switching to a Fairphone 4 as an old mobile will be recycled or upcycled for a second life. Switching supports the e-waste neutral movement and so the precious materials put into new mobiles are 100% compensated for, a market first in truly limiting waste

Man taking a photo using a Fairphone 4

Focusing on what’s important

You’ll never miss out on capturing a memory with the Fairphone 4’s dual cameras. The 48MP ultra-wide lens gives immersive 120° viewing, fast autofocus and uncompromising image quality. The crisp 25MP selfie lens delivers dynamic, detailed photos and videos in any setting. 

Man checking his Fairphone 4

Dual SIM makes ethical sense

Dual SIM functionality (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM) means you can have two different phone numbers on just one phone. Great if you need separate work and personal numbers or, if you’re travelling abroad, use the additional SIM as a country-specific SIM and cut down on unforeseen charges from your home provider.

Fairphone 4 phone charger

Accessories and Spares

Fairphone have a range of accessories specifically designed for your new smartphone, this includes items such as cases and chargers.

You can purchase a charger from us when ordering your new Fairphone 4 and all other accessories and spares can be purchased directly from 

Make the right call choose Fairphone

Your Co-op Mobile is passionate about supporting communities and ensuring fairness in our products and services, that’s why we partner with Fairphone. If you’re looking for a truly innovative mobile that really makes an environmental difference, choose Fairphone.

Don't just change your phone, change the world.


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Rethinking Innovation | Behind the Fairphone 4 Design

What our customers are saying

Buying as a business?

Fairphone £50 price drop offer

Get over £40 off Fairphone 4

Get over £40 off Fairphone 4

lady using her work phone for a call

Fairphone 4, the No1 ethical business phone

The Fairphone 4 not only offers business mobile users better resolution, increased memory and improved battery life but also 5 years warranty, making it the phone for now and the future, ideal to help revolutionise your business.

Alongside its modular and repairable design and extended warranty, it’s also 5G mobile compatible, making it guaranteed to future-proof your business.

The Fairphone 4 has received a perfect 10/10 score with iFixit, a 9.2/10 for its 128GB handset and 9.3/10 for its 256GB handset by the French Repairability Index - putting customer ease as a priority. Fairphone is also an industry first to have received the Fairtrade Gold award, for its ethical supply chain and manufacturing, highlighting how the Fairphone 4 is an ideal opportunity for your business to reach its sustainability targets.


Fairphone £50 price drop offer

Save over £40 on the Fairphone 4

Enjoy £41.67 off the Fairphone 4 when purchasing a handset only or receive £41.67 bill credit for a bundle. Businesses can save on the world’s most sustainable smartphone that helps to lower carbon emissions and achieve CSR goals, especially when paired with a 5G climate-positive SIM. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer.

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Fairphone 4

Fairphone 4 business tech specifications

Operating system: Android™ 11
Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G (SM7225)
Storage: 6GB/8GB RAM • 128GB/256GB internal storage
Battery: 3905 mAh removable Li-ion battery
Display: 6.3 inch Full HD+
Cameras: Dual 48MP rear cameras • F1.6 and 2.2 • 25MP selfie camera • F/2.2 • with HDR support
Wireless and location: Wi-Fi dual band (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) • Bluetooth® 5.1 + LE • NFC for card payments & more
Network: Dual SIM, both 5G enabled
Connectors and sensors: USB Type – C • Fingerprint scanner
Media and audio: USB Type C
Variants: 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage, available in grey • 8GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage, available in grey and green

Man using his work phone

Why Fairphone for your business?

Choosing Fairphone for business is a great step towards helping the planet and people – but it also helps your business. Fairphone’s modular-designed smartphones last much longer than non-modular phones and the repair costs are much less than standard smartphones. Resulting in your business saving money over time, by using the Fairphone 4 which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

The 5G mobile and business capability ensures users a powerful experience with Android 11’s operating system, to accommodate fast-paced business and productivity, for many years to come. 

Fairbuds XL Headphones – Superior sound, sustainably designed

Ethically made headphones from Fairphone with noise cancellation and sustainable materials and technologies to minimise environmental impact and maximise longevity. The Fairbuds XL offers a totally modular design to replace parts affordably so you can love the deep bass, warm mids and clear highs for longer. Enjoy a wireless experience with crisp and clear audio whilst chatting in the office, with friends or to smart voice assistants. All encased in recycled materials and Fairtrade Gold for climate conscious headphones that last for up to 30 hours between charges.

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how is fairphone fair

person holding work phone

Jacob Isherwood’s Fairphone 4 experience as head of IT

''It’s important to take into account the ease of repairability with the Fairphone. In other organisations I’ve worked in, we’d historically buy cheap handsets and when inevitably the screens broke or the batteries died out the handset would be replaced. 

The Fairphone however is different, we’re able to quickly replace the screen or battery, returning the phone into service at a lower cost than buying the new handset. The other driver for replacing Android handsets would be the lack of updates, meaning phones fell out of support, though Fairphone commit to updating their software for 5 years meaning I know my handset will always have the latest security updates.''

Jacob Isherwood, Head of IT, The Midcounties Co-operative 

Read Jacob's review of the Fairphone 4


Cut your carbon impact 

Using the Fairphone 4 for 5 years can cut your carbon impact on climate change by around 31% annually, and up to 44% if kept for 7 years. This is a sizable portion of your annual carbon footprint cut by simply owning a Fairphone 4. 

On top of this, Your Co-op will further cut your carbon by offsetting 25 kg and planting a tree through our climate action partners Ecologi. This impact, which is made through carbon reductive projects and afforestation, results in your business mobile being climate positive.

Fairphone aims to offer customers genuine longevity by providing a 5 year extended warranty and guaranteeing software support until at least the end of 2025. If the time comes to replace or repair parts of the phone, this will significantly reduce the environmental impact, since the bulk of emissions and finite resource consumption occurs during production. Though Fairphone has made replacing parts a simple task and hassle-free with a guide to help users. Read the full life cycle assessment report here

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trees planted

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of carbon reduction

person repairing their phone

Fairphone 4 Longevity promise

Fairphone believes in a smartphone that lasts which is why they guarantee software support until Dec 2025, and a 5-year hardware warranty until Dec 2027. Fairphone also provides regular security and maintenance updates to their handsets, meaning your business data will be secure from security threats.

For more information on the Fairphone 4, please visit here. 

Updates are provided: monthly for the first 2 years, bi-monthly for the 3rd year, and quarterly in years 4 and 5 (until 2027) Guarantee the availability of spare parts for years to come. 

Fairphone 4

Be a sustainability champion

We can help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals, by making a positive impact on issues directly linked to 9 of the 15 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Using a business mobile that can cut your carbon.