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The Fairphone is an easy way to make a difference to the environment because it’s the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. Modular in design, Made with Fairtrade and responsibly sourced materials, 5G ready, premium camera, Dual SIM and backed by a 5-year warranty

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The Fairphone 5 

Designed for you. Made fair.

The new Fairphone 5 is here, with improved performance and sustainability! Offering futureproof performance, the Fairphone 5 isn't only fast but will keep up to speed until 2031, thanks to a long-life Octa-core chip backed with at least 8 years of software updates and support.

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Fairphone comes with a 5-year warranty

Keeping your phone for longer makes it more sustainable and Fairphone provide long-term support, regular software updates and a 5-year warranty.*

*If you purchase a Fairphone 4 before 31/12/2023, remember to register your extended warranty within 90 days of purchase.

Fairphone features & accessories

Person taking a photo of 2 women using a Fairphone 4 mobile

Capturing memories

Premium dual lenses, so you always have sharp and reliable shots. Capture the world in 4K with videos at 240 frames per second for super smooth memory-making. 

man holding grey Fairphone 4 mobile

Dual SIM makes ethical sense

Dual SIM functionality (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM) means you can have two different phone numbers on just one phone. Great for work, play and travelling, especially with our free EU roaming SIM bundles.

woman holding fairphone 5 over her face

All-day battery life

All day power and fast charging means you can keep going all day without worrying about your battery dying. 

man using fairphone 4 whilst wearing fairbuds xl

Accessories and Spares

Fairphone have a range of accessories and spare parts specifically designed for your new smartphone, including cases and chargers. We also offer the Fairbuds XL headphones made by Fairphone. 

Modular & repairable

Modular in design means it’s easy and affordable to take apart and replace the screen, cameras, ports and battery. All swaps can be done at home with a screwdriver with no expert needed. iFixit awarded it 10/10.

Made fair

footprints in the trees

Fairphone and a climate-positive bundle

Created with fair, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials, the Fairphone already goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint for mobile use. Go further and add one of our climate-positive SIM bundles and we’ll boost your carbon reduction by 10kg each month.

Working with our climate impact partners Ecologi, we include funding for carbon reduction projects, that reduce your carbon footprint and we also plant trees to help reverse deforestation.

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A phone is recycled with every sale

Switching to Fairphone helps to limit E-waste, as an old phone is refurbished or recycled for every new Fairphone sold. In the UK alone, over 36 thousand tonnes of E-waste enter landfill each year, so choosing Fairphone helps you to protect the environment and support the circular economy.
Read more about E-waste here.

Reviews & Awards

woman holding a Fairphone 5 up to her face

Five stars for the Fairphone 5

"Up to 10 years of software updates is simply unheard of, gaining it an extra star. And the Fairphone is simple enough to repair that the hardware should be able to last just as long with an occasional quick and cheap battery swap.''

person holding fairphone 4 with the back facing

Fairphone 4 has been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy!

After being rigorously tested and evaluated at every step of its development, the Fairphone 4 has been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy product label. The research highlighted the key commitments and successes of human rights, supply chain management, workers' rights and company ethos, whilst also appreciating the encouragement and challenge to the wider mobile technology industry to adopt more ethical practices. Fairphone 4 is the only mobile phone to be awarded Best Buy.

What's in the box?

If you don't need it, it's not included!

woman wearing green Fairbuds XL headphones

Fairbuds XL Headphones – Superior sound, sustainably designed

Fairbuds XL headphones, ethically made Bluetooth headphones with superior sound and noise cancellation. Compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device, they're made with sustainable, Fairtrade and recycled materials that minimise environmental impact. Plus, their modular design allows for easy replacement of any part to ensure that they will last for years to come.

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    Buying as a business?

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    Good for your business and the planet

    woman holding up Fairphone 5

    Fairphone, the No.1 ethical business mobile

    Help revolutionise your business with Fairphone. Choosing a Fairphone helps you achieve your CSR targets and operate more ethically without compromising on powerful performance.
    The most ethical mobile phone. Modular in design, made with Fairtrade and responsibly sourced materials, long term software support, Dual SIM and backed by a 5-year warranty. Ensures users a powerful experience with Android 13’s operating system, to accommodate fast-paced business and productivity, for many years to come. 

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    Why Fairphone for your business?

    Choosing Fairphone for your business mobiles is a great step towards helping the planet and people – but it also helps your business. 

    person holding fairphone 4

    Android Enterprise recommended

    Recommended by Google, Fairphone with Android Enterprise makes it even easier to securely scale across your business. Enjoy a seamless deployment of new business mobiles that support productivity and collaboration right out the box. Powerful and safe for the long-haul. 

    person repairing fairphone 4

    Saving time & money

    Fairphone’s modular-designed smartphones last much longer than non-modular phones and the repair costs are less than standard smartphones. Your employees can replace their screen or battery and be back to full functionality in just ten minutes using nothing but a screwdriver.

    two people holding fairphone 5s together

    Be a sustainability champion

    We can help you meet your corporate social responsibility goals, by making a positive impact on issues directly linked to 9 of the 15 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

    woman using fairphone 4 to make a call

    Support promise

    Fairphone are committed to device longevity, providing a 5 year warranty with spare parts available for years to come plus long term software support and regular security and maintenance updates.

    Which Fairphone is right for your business?

    Tech Specification
    Operating system
    Connectors & Sensors
    Media & Audio
    Fairphone 5
    Android™ 13
     8GB RAM 
    256GB internal storage
     4200 mAh removable 
    Li-ion battery
    161.6 x 75.83 x 9.6mm 
    6.46-inch Full HD+
     Dual 50MP rear cameras 
    50MP selfie camera HDR support
    Dual SIM, 5G enabled
     USB Type – C 
    Fingerprint scanner
    USB Type C
     8GB RAM & 256 GB storage, 
    available in black, blue & translucent
    or £45.00 per month
    Fairphone 4

    Android™ 13

    6GB/8GB RAM
    128GB/256GB internal storage
    3905 mAh removable 
    Li-ion battery
    162 x 75.5 x 10.5mm 
    6.3-inch Full HD+
    Dual 48MP rear cameras 
    25MP selfie camera HDR support

    Dual SIM, both 5G enabled

    USB Type – C
    Fingerprint scanner

    USB Type C

    Grey: 6GB RAM & 128GB
    Green: 6GB/8GB RAM & 128GB/256GB
    or £41.47 per month

    How is Fairphone fair?

    worker mining gold in Africa

    Fairly sourced and recycled materials

    Made with up to 40% recycled materials

    Two workers wearing hardhats working on a document

    Socially responsible

    Living wage bonus for factory workers

    person repairing a Fairphone 4

    Designed to last

    World-leading modular and repairable design

    two people holding Fairphone 5s together

    Industry recognised

    A perfect 10/10 from iFixit

    The Fairphone 4 has received a perfect 10/10 score with iFixit, the same as their previous generation and the Fairphone 5 is expected to follow suit. Fairphone is also an industry first to have received the Fairtrade Gold award, for its ethical supply chain and manufacturing, highlighting how the Fairphone is an ideal opportunity for your business to reach its sustainability targets.

    Read iFixit's full review

    Become climate positive & cut carbon emissions

    Choosing a Fairphone, and using it for 5 years reduces the carbon footprint of your business mobile by around 31% annually, and up to 44% if kept for 7 years.

    On top of this, if you pair your Fairphone with one of our climate-positive SIMs, Your Co-op will go even further. As part of each SIM bundle, through our climate impact partners Ecologi, each month we will fund climate impact projects that reduce your business's carbon footprint by 10kg. We also plant trees throughout your contract period to help combat climate change in years to come. 

    ecologi tree icon


    Trees planted

    ecologi carbon component


    Tonnes of carbon reduction

    person holding fairphone 4 with back showing

    My Fairphone experience

    Jacob Isherwood, Head of IT, The Midcounties Co-operative

    ''It’s important to take into account the ease of repairability with the Fairphone. In other organisations I’ve worked in, we’d historically buy cheap handsets and when inevitably the screens broke or the batteries died out the handset would be replaced.
    The Fairphone however is different, we’re able to quickly replace the screen or battery, returning the phone into service at a lower cost than buying the new handset. The other driver for replacing Android handsets would be the lack of updates, meaning phones fell out of support, though Fairphone commit to updating their software for 5 years meaning I know my handset will always have the latest security updates.''

    Read the full review here

    Jo Hannan
    Sales & Business Development