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The Fairphone, a symbol of sustainable technology that stands out as the ethical choice in the mobile phone market. Both the Fairphone 4 & 5 boast a modular design, crafted with responsibly sourced, Fairtrade and recycled materials, and supports 5G connectivity. They capture the world with either an updated & refined 48MP camera or a new 50MP camera, both with Dual SIM functionality. Additionally, its 5-year warranty underscores its durability, and value for money, commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

The Fairphone isn’t just a daily device, it's a choice for a better, more ethical future.

Get a FREE Fairphone spare parts voucher for 1 week only (worth up to £89.95)

Receive a free spare part voucher with your Fairphone 4 or 5 and redeem it on any spare part. The voucher is redeemable for 5 years direct from Fairphone’s website for ultimate peace of mind. Repairability is what makes a Fairphone last longer than any other smartphone, now for free!

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How you will receive your voucher

Contract version.

Once you have purchased your new Fairphone, you will receive your spare modular part voucher (containing a unique code) in the letter with your SIM card in the post.

Handset only version.

Once you have purchased your new Fairphone, you will receive your spare modular part voucher (containing a unique code) in your confirmation email of the order. If you haven’t provided us with an email address, the spare modular part voucher should arrive in the post as a letter.

Choose your Fairphone

The Fairphone 5 

Designed for you. Made fair.

The new Fairphone 5 is here, with improved performance and sustainability! Offering futureproof performance, the Fairphone 5 isn't only fast but will keep up to speed until 2031, thanks to a long-life Octa-core chip backed with at least 8 years of software updates and support.

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four Fairphone 5 models in a row

Fairphone comes with a 5-year warranty

Keeping your phone for longer makes it more sustainable and Fairphone provide long-term support, regular software updates and a 5-year warranty.*

*If you purchase a Fairphone 4 before 31/12/2023, remember to register your extended warranty within 90 days of purchase.

Fairphone features & accessories

man using fairphone 4 whilst wearing fairbuds xl

Accessories and Spares

Fairphone have a range of accessories and spare parts specifically designed for your new smartphone, including cases and chargers. We also offer the Fairbuds XL headphones made by Fairphone. 

woman holding fairphone 5 over her face

All-day battery life

All day power and fast charging means you can keep going all day without worrying about your battery dying. 

man holding grey Fairphone 4 mobile

Dual SIM makes ethical sense

Dual SIM functionality (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM) means you can have two different phone numbers on just one phone. Great for work, play and travelling, especially with our free EU roaming SIM bundles.

Person taking a photo of 2 women using a Fairphone 4 mobile

Capturing memories

Premium & software refined dual lenses, so you always have sharp and reliable shots. Capture the world in 4K with videos at 240 frames per second for super smooth memory-making.  

Modular & repairable

Modular in design means it’s easy and affordable to take apart and replace the screen, cameras, ports and battery. All swaps can be done at home with a screwdriver with no expert needed. iFixit awarded it 10/10.

Made fair

footprints in the trees

Fairphone and a climate-positive bundle

Created with fair, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials, the Fairphone already goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint for mobile use. Go further and add one of our climate-positive SIM bundles and we’ll boost your carbon reduction by 10kg each month.

Working with our climate impact partners Ecologi, we include funding for carbon reduction projects, that reduce your carbon footprint and we also plant trees to help reverse deforestation.

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woman pulling a Fairphone 5 from her shirt pocket

Fairphone's EcoVadis rating is now Platinum for Sustainability

Fairphone is officially Platinum rated and in the top 1% of Sustainable businesses worldwide following their 2023 EcoVadis rating. EcoVadis is the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings and have revealed that Fairphone is officially the highest-rated smartphone company for sustainability. Read more here about Fairphone’s Ecovadis Platinum rating.

A phone is recycled with every sale

Switching to Fairphone helps to limit E-waste, as an old phone is refurbished or recycled for every new Fairphone sold. In the UK alone, over 36 thousand tonnes of E-waste enter landfill each year, so choosing Fairphone helps you to protect the environment and support the circular economy.
Read more about E-waste here.

Fairphone FAQ’s

What should I look for when choosing an environmentally friendly phone?

When looking for an environmentally friendly phone, you should consider: 
  • The ethics of the manufacturing process for the workers and the environment. 
  • The materials used in the phones and how they were collected. 
  • Factory conditions and power sources. 
  • Carbon emissions that were able to be avoided as a result of efficient manufacturing processes and the lifecycle of the device. 
  • Modularity and repairability to stop e-waste when a breakage or wear occurs. For instance, the life of an environmentally friendly device should be able to withstand a broken screen with a repairable design to continue it's use. 

How do eco-friendly phones contribute to reducing electronic waste?

The Fairphone 4 and 5 are both e-waste neutral which means that for every device purchased, the equivalent weight is recycled or refurbished by Fairphone. 

Can environmentally friendly phones match the performance of regular smartphones?

Yes, the Fairphone’s performance more than matches that of a regular, non-environmentally friendly smartphone. Inside, the Fairphone 5 has a Qualcomm QCM6490 chip and the latest Android 13 operating system to make light work of all your smartphone needs. 

How can I recycle my old phone responsibly?

You can recycle your old phone responsibly by using a local recycling plant that takes in used electronics, or you can donate your device to a charity such as Little Lives that aim to provide access to technology for in need young people.

How long does the Fairphone warranty last?

The Fairphone 4 and 5 both have an industry-leading warranty of 5 years which you must register for after purchasing. The Fairphone 5 also benefits from 8 years of software support, taking your Fairphone comfortably into the next decade. 

Is the Fairphone 4 updated camera for new only?

No, the software update for the Fairphone 4’s 48MP dual cameras is free to download on both existing Fairphone 4’s or newly purchased. 

Is the camera quality of Fairphone competitive with other smartphones?

The 48MP Fairphone 4 dual-camera system has had a free software update that maximises all the lenses potential for pleasing long-term use, placing it at the forefront of its price point in the market. More specifically, the camera quality is leaping from DXO69 to DXO90 just by a single and free software update.
The 50MP Fairphone 5 has a super sharp dual camera with a variety of settings and capture modes, such as an impressive image stabilisation mode for 4K video. There aren’t many smartphones available with more Megapixels than the Fairphone 4 and 5, as well as having greater image processors. 

Can I upgrade my Fairphone instead of buying a new one?

You can upgrade parts for your Fairphone if they are damaged or broken to restore your Fairphone to working order or to a better condition, thanks to the modular design. The Fairphone 3 can be upgraded with the Fairphone 3 Plus camera module from the Fairphone shop, allowing you to switch to a sharper camera without swapping your whole device. However, for the Fairphone 4 and 5 you cannot interchange parts between models to upgrade your smartphone. 

Is the Fairphone truly sustainable?

Yes, the Fairphone 5 and 4 are the world’s most sustainable smartphones thanks to: 
  • The highest percentages of fair materials inside, 70% for the Fairphone 5 and 40% for the Fairphone 4. 
  • 100% E-waste neutral, creating a mobile market with more fair materials in circulation and less e-waste in landfills with every new user. 
  • Industry-leading 5-year warranty cover and 8 years of software support for the Fairphone 5.
  • Modular design makes for total repairability and minimal waste. Swap out screens, backs, batteries and ports with ease and affordably. 
  • The fairest battery on the market. A Fairphone 5 battery has 100% Fairtrade gold integrated in the supply chain, 100% recycled tin solder paste, 80% recycled steel, 75% post-consumer recycled plastics in the battery frame, and accounts for 100% of the cobalt and silver used inside with Cobalt Credits and Fair mined Silver Credits. On top of that, it also comes with a living wage bonus for the people who assemble the battery. 
  • Climate conscious approach to manufacturing means Fairphone avoid carbon emissions by designing electronics that last, using recycled materials, powering the assembly manufacturing with 100% renewable energy and investing in other projects reducing CO2 emissions. 

What makes Fairphone different from other smartphones?

Fairphone encourages the wider tech industry to adopt fair practices when manufacturing new electronics in order to create a better market for people and planet. Inside the Fairphone 4, 5 and Fairbuds XL is unique to industry Fairtrade Gold, a marker of the devotion to fair materials and their designs are all modular. A modular design ensures that Fairphone mobiles and headphones can be repaired in individual parts from home and affordably.  

What is Fairphone?

Fairphone is a Dutch social enterprise that produces ethically made and repairable electronics, such as Fairphone 5 and the Fairbuds XL headphones, that limit environmental impacts and provide positive social change for workers. By using recycled, Fairtrade and responsibly sourced materials, Fairphone are able to reduce carbon emissions in production, waste, mining demands and cut out many tech-industry practices that are harmful to the planet and people. That’s why Fairphone is the world’s most ethical and sustainable electronics manufacturer.
woman holding a Fairphone 5 up to her face

Five stars for the Fairphone 5

"Up to 10 years of software updates is simply unheard of, gaining it an extra star. And the Fairphone is simple enough to repair that the hardware should be able to last just as long with an occasional quick and cheap battery swap.''

Read the Guardian's review

person holding fairphone 4 with the back facing

Fairphone 4 & 5 have been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy!

After being rigorously tested and evaluated at every step of its development, the Fairphone 4 & 5 have been awarded Ethical Consumer’s Best Buy product label. The research highlighted the key commitments and successes of human rights, supply chain management, workers' rights and company ethos, whilst also appreciating the encouragement and challenge to the wider mobile technology industry to adopt more ethical practices. Fairphone 4 & 5 are the only mobile phones to be awarded Best Buy.

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