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The best broadband for Gaming

Gaming Broadband UK 

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Fastest Gaming internet with full fibre

We offer our Ultrafast package to provide the most powerful gaming internet via Full-Fibre broadband. Our download speeds start at 100Mbps and reach as high as 900Mbps, eliminating lag and buffering for online gameplay. 

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Unlimited data for a happy home

Worries over usage are a thing of the past with our Unlimited broadband service, so you can download and upload while others are streaming, scrolling, or working

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Future-proof upgrade

For the ultimate gaming broadband experience, we also offer enhanced routers using Wi-Fi 6 technology for 75% lower latency when gaming, as well as greater internet speeds and reliability, even when your home is at its busiest.

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Help save the planet as you game

Our service doesn't cost the Earth, we reduce carbon emissions and plant trees for customers to ensure our gaming broadband is climate-positive. The best Broadband for Gaming service to help the planet and people too. 

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Play at peak-times

Game online or download new content at any time of day, as unlike some providers, our gaming broadband doesn't prioritise any data usage or devices.

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Low network jitter

Reliably low jitter of under 30 milliseconds means your latency variation will be untraceable. The super smooth gaming internet your console deserves.

How quickly can our unlimited Ultrafast 900 broadband download a game?

Based on a cable connection with no other network activity or external factors

Award-winning service for Gaming Internet

Your Co-op Broadband and Mobile have been awarded the Trusted Service Award from Feefo. As part of our gaming broadband service, we ensure that our UK-based call centre can handle all queries quickly and fuss-free to provide industry-leading support.

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Save on Gaming Broadband UK

Your Co-op members save on the best broadband for gaming, our unlimited Ultrafast package. Sign up via our app and access exclusive offers on Gaming Broadband and a host of other carbon cutting and better connecting deals.

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Climate-positive and energy-efficient fibre

Your Co-ops Gaming Broadband reduces your carbon emissions every month, thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi. Help create an immediate climate-positive benefit for the planet, as we reduce 10kg of your CO2 monthly. By signing up for 24 months, you prevent 240kg of carbon dioxide from polluting the atmosphere.

We also plant a tree every month as a thank-you for using Your Co-op Broadband. The trees will contribute to future decarbonisation once they have matured. Track the trees here

It’s also our most energy-efficient service, as ultrafast full-fibre broadband uses over 80% less energy than traditional broadband, reducing its carbon emissions. Who knew gaming can help the planet? 


Trees planted


Tonnes of carbon reduction

Game in any room with Wi-Fi Plus

Give your home total coverage and the fastest speeds everywhere with our Wi-Fi Plus extenders. Simply plug in our Wi-Fi extender in low-signal areas and it'll feel like your home has the power of two routers.

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Save on secure Gaming Internet with Norton 360

Your Co-op Members can save on cyber-security that was built specifically for gaming internet. Included, there's dark web protection, parental controls, real-time threat protection and even a 100% guarantee for virus protection. Don't leave your valuable information vulnerable to privacy breaches. 

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Gaming broadband FAQs

What broadband speed do I need for gaming?

Our recommended minimum of 15-25Mbps is a good download speed for gaming, although the ideal gaming experience that perfects console performance requires broadband speeds of 60-100 Mbps or above. These speeds will provide lag-free 4K gaming, support multiple devices at once and enable smooth multiplayer experiences.

The more demanding and technical the console, the more speed is likely required to support smooth gameplay. For instance, a Nintendo Switch may not require as much speed as a PlayStation 5, but a Gaming PC may require more speed than both. 

What is the gaming broadband speed minimum?

Most console manufacturers recommend a minimum of 3Mbps for broadband download speed to play games. However, if you're looking for a minimum download speed that provides ample online gameplay and modest content download times, 15-25Mbps is a speed range that can cope with the demands of some modern games.

For upload speeds, which are important too, most manufacturers suggest a minimum speed of 1Mbps. We believe 3Mbps is an appropriate minimum upload speed to suit some gameplay on the latest consoles.

What is ping in gaming?

Another factor you should also think about is the ping rate, which is the reaction time of your connection, that is also affected by physical distances and broadband traffic. Ping is important as it allows your inputs (your actions through a controller) to register faster, and therefore gives you a better reaction and input time in gaming. Players with a bad ping will suffer from more lag in their communication with the online game, though by using an ethernet cable you may see a slight improvement.

A good ping for gaming is less than 150ms and will also mean that your latency will be low too, as the ping is the measurement in milliseconds taken for a signal to reach two devices (the latency). With our gaming broadband your ping should always be under 20ms at all times. The ping will be displayed on the results page of an internet connection test.

What is latency?

Latency which could also be called lag, is a delayed response time while playing games. A low latency is desired as this means you are experiencing smoother gameplay.

What speeds do I need for 4K gaming?

The PlayStation and Xbox consoles introduced 4K video games, and with the release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, the market for 4K video games is expected to grow dramatically. Currently, you need a download speed of around 60Mbps to enjoy 4K video games online. These speeds can be achieved with fibre broadband, though you can also cut your carbon footprint each month by 10kg with Your Co-op broadband.

Why do I need Ultrafast download speeds?

  • You can download an entire hit-series in under 3 minutes, versus 48 minutes on average broadband in the UK. 
  • Downloading new games to consoles can take minutes as opposed to countless hours while waiting to play. 
  • The bandwidth for the whole home will be more than enough for all users, no matter what’s happening at the same time.
  • Remote workers have enough upload and download speed to comfortably work, or even run a small business from home, without slowing down anyone else. 

Why is unlimited broadband good for gaming?

On the newest generation consoles, downloading a full game to your console can require as much as 225GB. A figure that could increase with new releases in the future and larger updates. If you’ve got a data limit, downloading games can eat up all of your allowances very quickly, leaving no bandwidth for other users of broadband.

However, with unlimited downloads players can have all the latest games without worrying about using up the usage limit or hampering others from the broadband. Each of our climate-positive broadband packages comes with unlimited downloads, so there’s no need to worry about running out of data.