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5G is the way forward

5G is the next generation of data connectivity that's perfect for boosting your online capabilities at home, the office or whilst travelling. There's nothing to hide, it's simply a complete upgrade on its predecessor 4G LTE, to help cater for the ever-changing and fast-paced online world.

Cut your carbon

By 2025, it is predicted that by using 5G mobile phones and other 5G capable devices, there will be a reduction in carbon emissions of 330.8 million tonnes just through the transition away from 4G and 3G. This is being achieved through the advancement in technology that supports 5G services for users, which results in greater energy efficiency.

5G is not just more energy efficient than its predecessors, its lower latency also allows for smart and real-time monitoring solutions for energy consumption, which will reduce the mobile industry’s carbon footprint. In fact, 5G can actually address many of the UN Sustainability Development Goals by helping close the digital divide around the world, so it's more than just fast.

Why upgrade to 5G?


Up to 20 times quicker at downloading and uploading data, 5G speeds are unmatched.

Greater Capacity

More devices can be supported at the same time on a 5G network, without compromise.

Lower Latency

Moments of delay when streaming or using a web page are minimised.

Stronger connection

Even when moving quickly in a car or train, signals are stable and let you stay connected without drops or interruptions to your data usage. All whilst using fewer cell towers.

The fairest 5G mobile

Your Co-op Mobile offers customers the world's most ethically made 5G mobile phone, the Fairphone. This allows customers to have access to the fastest possible network using a phone that is kinder to the planet, made from fair materials and uses 100% recycled plastic.

Not to mention, we also reduce your carbon emissions by 10kg every month, just by using our mobile products. We ensure customers have simple solutions to cut their carbon footprints whilst using the best climate-positive products.

How to switch?

To make the switch to our 5G offerings, all you need to do is order one of our SIM Only or Fairphone services. 

If you would like to keep your current phone number, we can transfer that over; just request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current provider by texting the word PAC to 65075 and give it to us during your order. 

New SIM, same phone 

By keeping your current handset when you upgrade to a 5G SIM, you are prolonging the life of your device which is a far more sustainable option. The average smartphone is only kept for 2-3 years, though is built to last longer. User’s that make premature upgrades are heavily contributing to E-waste, though you can do your bit to help stop this issue by keeping your handset. Show your 5G-ready mobile some love, by giving it a more efficient and powerful 5G SIM. 

Can I check If I'll have 5G coverage?

Yes, our residential service is provided by the EE network, and you can use our service checker to find out the strength of indoor and outdoor voice and data services in your area. Remember, 5G is only available on compatible handsets and with a 5G SIM; though luckily, we have you well-covered with both.