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Monthly Mobile & Sim Only

SIM Only plans from £10 per month

Upgrading your phone feels good - but saving the planet feels better. 

All our plans come with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, a choice of data plans from 1GB to 100GB and a 30 day rolling contract. 

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Fairphone 4. The greenest mobile on the planet.

Switching your mobile to the Fairphone 4 is an easy way to make a difference to the environment because it’s the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. 

Not only is it created from Fairtrade and recycled materials but you can upgrade parts yourself so you can keep it for longer. And when you sign up, we’ll help you make an even bigger difference to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

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Climate Positive Mobile

Each month we off-set 25kg of carbon for every new customer through our partner Ecologi. We also fund the planting of a new tree for each customer, every month you use our Climate Positive Mobile service.

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Easy to use phones for your older family members - Live a better life

Assist phones that are designed to make everyday life easier. If you are looking for a phone for your older family members that is: easy to use, handy, with big buttons, and have the ability to connect to others through easy to access applications, then these phones are right for you.

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Help save the planet and re-use your handset

We pride ourselves on being an ethical network provider and we offer honest and transparent prices with no hidden charges. 

57.4 million tonnes of E-waste, discarded mobiles and other tech products, was generated in 2021. The total is growing by an average of 2 million tonnes a year. Yet in many cases there’s nothing wrong with your phone when your contract has ended. It’s just too easy to throw it away and get a new one.

All our SIM Only plans come with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and we offer data up to 100GB. It's easy to switch to us - and you can keep your number too.