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Offer exclusively for new Superfast customers only and is subject to availability.

  • For Superfast Broadband you will pay £23.50 for the first 12 months of contract and £30 for final 12 months of contract, this is a saving of £78 over the 24 month contract period.
  • For Superfast Plus Broadband you will pay £26.00 for the first 12 months of contract and £35 for final 12 months of contract, this is a saving of £108 over the 24 month contract period. For all additional pricing and out of contract rates please see
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A fast, fibre ethical connection. From £30 per month
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All with unlimited text & minutes, with data from 1GB to 100GB. From £10 per month.
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Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair. From £31 per month

We work for a fairer and more sustainable world

Being co-operative means we are, owned by our members and run for the benefit of our customers. Our vision is to work towards creating a better, fairer world for all. We also aim to help tackle the issue of climate change and have a commitment to work towards a net zero target by 2050.

Ethical Broadband

Each month we off-set 50kg of carbon for every new customer through our partner Ecologi. We also fund the planting of a new tree for each customer, every month you use our Climate Positive Broadband service.

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trees planted



of carbon reduction

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Ethical Consumer – Best buy

We’re extremely proud to be Ethical Consumer Best Buy accredited. It's a unique label that looks in detail at the ethical record of the company behind the product and the environmental and ethical record of the product itself. This badge helps shoppers avoid falling for ethical and environmental claims that turn out to be little more than greenwash and support companies like ourselves trying to make real difference

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As one of the founding members of FairTec we are working with other European Co-op’s and partners, in hopes of tackling the impact of digital technology, now responsible for 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions

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Choose us as the truly green energy supplier for your home

  • No greenwash. Nothing to hide. Great value. Actually 100% green.
  • We purchase 100% renewable energy from community solar, wind, and hydro farms.
  • We pay community suppliers a fair price, and we charge you a fair price too.
  • Like for like, we are the best value for truly green energy on the market today.

We proudly partner with Octopus to offer you a great 5 star service - Octopus are Uswitch Supplier of the Year Winner 2020

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Member App

The Your Co-op members app is an exclusive app for members of The Midcounties Co-operative.

Our app will bring you all the latest member-exclusive deals and offers across all our businesses and show you how your spend with us makes a difference.

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Your Co-op Conversations

Your Co-op Conversations

Throughout the year we’re going to be hosting a wide-range of member events, where you’ll have the opportunity to get involved and find out more about topics such as mental health, meet your local suppliers and hear from some our amazing charity partners!

Your Co-op latest news

The Latest at Your Co-op

Check out the latest news about our businesses and how we’re supporting our local communities…

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Father’s Day 2022 – Q+A with John Woodward

This Father’s day, we wanted to celebrate a leader within Your Co-op who excels in communications and truly values the importance of connectivity within the Co-op. We caught up with John Woodward, Head of Customer Operations to tell us more.

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Top tips to cut broadband and mobile bills

83% of adults in the UK reported an increase in their cost of living in March 2022, everything from food and energy to transport. It's no surprise that many of us are looking at areas to cut down and save. But one things for certain, hardly any of us want to cut down our use of phones and internet!

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4 Sustainable Swaps (Beyond Fairtrade Fortnight)

Awareness activities and national campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight have become increasingly popular and encouraged more of us to swap our daily habits and make conscious choices that positively impact both the planet and people.

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Free calls to Ukraine for Your Co-op Mobile and Broadband customers

Your Co-op Mobile and Your Co-op Broadband is devastated at the news in Ukraine and stands in unison with The UK co-operative movement and with co-operatives in Ukraine and everyone affected by the recent Russian invasion.

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Why join us? Because we are different

Your Co-op is the UK’s only co-operative utilities supplier, part of the Midcounties Co-operative. We’re owned by our members and run for the benefit of our customers. We’re a people-first organisation and our values are centred in making a positive and lasting impact.

The Midcounties Co-operative Campaigns

Social Responsibility is one of our core values. Find out what campaigns we support.

View our campaigns

The Midcounties Co-operative Helping Communities

We've been supporting our local communities for over 100 years! Supporting people and projects in the communities we serve.

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Your Co-op Energy

We operate the UK’s only tariff 100% powered by community generated green electricity projects – with carbon neutral gas, too.

Co-op Energy

Your Co-op membership

By becoming a member, you get to have your say and a share in the profits.

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Who are Your Co-op?

Your Co-op (Formerly The Phone Co-op) is the UK’s only co-operative utilities supplier, owned by our members and run for the benefit of our customers. We’re part of the Midcounties Co-operative, one of the largest co-operatives in the UK.

We have four core values that underpin our purpose as a co-op and membership organisation - Democracy, Openness, Equality and Social Responsibility - we live these values every day, every week, every month and every year.

What is a Co-operative?

As businesses owned and run by their members, co-operatives offer a solution to the growing sense of powerlessness people feel over business and the economy, giving them some control of the businesses. They share profits with the membership and operate as good employers for the benefit of employees too.

We put co-operative principles into practice through

  • Democracy – our members vote on important decisions and make up the Board (Governance)
  • Openness -  our prices are fair and our communications are clearly worded
  • Equity - we conduct business in a fair and just way, through partnership and positive impact
  • Solidarity - we support other co-operative projects and businesses

We believe that the co-operative business model can help build a fairer and more sustainable society for everyone.

A different way of doing business

We think about our impact on the world and how we can make it a better place. We depend upon people working together to get good results and that includes’ responding to our member’s needs, because in a co-operative business, your voice counts.

A beacon of good practice

At Your Co-op we keep focused on the bigger co-operative picture

  • We invest in a range of worthwhile community projects
  • Customers get the chance to share in our profits and engage with our projects
  • Our Start-Up Fund helps fledgling social enterprises off the ground

We tread lightly

  • All our electricity comes from renewable sources
  • We offset our own CO2 emissions and those of our suppliers
  • We choose ethical suppliers, locally where possible, and treat them fairly

Which broadband option is right for me?

Choosing the right broadband package can be a little daunting, but we provide you a little handy tool that helps you find the perfect deal for you. 

How long will it take to get broadband up and running once I've ordered?

If you are new to Your Co-op Broadband we'll aim to get you up and running within two weeks but sometimes it can take longer. Once we have processed your order we'll be able to give you an estimated switchover date.