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What is Green Broadband?

Simply put, green broadband is a service that makes a positive impact on the climate by being as energy efficient as possible via fibre cables, minimising any necessary carbon and offsetting such emissions many times over through our climate impact partners, Ecologi. Achieving a net-positive result. The World Wide Web is not just driven by websites, apps and data but by routers, switches, servers which make this whole ecosystem a reality. This system requires electricity - which mainly comes from non-renewable sources.

When we improve the current (and future) set-up of the internet to minimise greenhouse gas emission and to judiciously use available energy we start to transform the internet into a green internet.

Our internet usage will only increase, and this is powered by data centres around the world that emit carbon. As more of us use the internet around the world, we’re using more energy to power data centres. This can lead to extreme energy consumption. We aim to offset this imbalance.

Green Broadband - Making the digital world climate positive

Your Co-op offers its members and customers climate-positive broadband packages, a simple solution to cut your carbon footprint each month by 50kg. This is made possible by our climate action partners Ecologi, who fund carbon reductive and preventative projects, as well as planting a tree for every new customer.

A recent study proved that more than two-thirds of consumers are looking to adopt simple measures to reduce their own carbon emissions. So it is fitting that Your Co-op cares deeply about how we can provide smart and simple alternatives for the communities we serve, to help make a positive impact and reduce their carbon footprint. As consumers become increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, they continue to face challenges in understanding the impact they have as individuals and the options open to them.

One area that lags behind is recognising the environmental impact that their internet and browsing habits have – with 58% of people indicating that they were not aware of the environmental impact. That’s why helping our members and customers to understand that a personal choice of switching to a lower carbon and sustainable choice is certainly possible and simple.

The public has become increasingly aware of the energy and climate crisis since COP26, though also through greater coverage of climate events across the globe. Countries are coming forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reduction targets that are aligned with reaching net zero by 2050. Though Your Co-op is ahead of the pack and will be net zero for carbon by 2040.

Net zero means we will be producing less carbon than we take out of the atmosphere. These discussions and conversations may appear to be overwhelming and far-reaching to some people. However, offering simple yet sustainable solutions with a seamless switch provides customers with the best possible opportunity to make a change and reduce their carbon footprint.
Leaf and a fibre cable

It’s more than making the internet green

As a co-op our commitment is to a fairer, better world which is why we’re working hard at how we can reduce the impact of broadband by creating a low carbon alternative. In the medium term this requires us to switch to full fibre broadband, something that’s not possible for everyone today as the new full fibre infrastructure gets rolled out in the UK. At this present time, Your Co-op Broadband has made all of its products Climate Positive, including superfast and ultrafast fibre packages. The business has partnered with climate action organisation Ecologi, which actions carbon reduction projects across the globe, to offset 50kg of CO2 every month for each customer.

Fibre Broadband is the greener choice

Fibre uses much less energy than copper by transmitting data using light. Full fibre networks are passive and don't need constant power to operate, unlike electric copper networks. The light technology used allows fibre to use under 1 watt to send data over 300 meters, compared to the 3.5 watts consumed by coaxial cables to carry data a mere 100 meters. Energy creates heat, so networks must be kept cool on the backend to prevent overheating.

We plant trees for our broadband customers

In addition, when you sign up with Your Co-op you are also helping to contribute to the future of decarbonisation. Your Co-op Broadband will fund the planting of a new tree every month for each customer. Every customer will be able to track the positive impact that their purchase is having through Your Co-op Broadband.


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