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Green Transport

Your Co-op Flexible Benefits offers Businesses three different Green Transport schemes. EVs, e-Mopeds and Halfords and Tredz Cycle to Work scheme.

Why Green Transport for your business?

Green Transportation schemes for businesses work through employee Salary Sacrifice; this creates significant Tax and National Insurance savings, resulting in a discounted price for their EV, E-Moped or push Bike.

Octopus EV Salary Sacrifice

A 5-star rated scheme for Employees to save up to 40% (or more) through salary sacrifice on a brand-new electric vehicle via our partnership with Octopus Electric Vehicles scheme. 

Key benefits of the green transport scheme include:
  • Servicing, maintenance, repairs and roadside assistance
  • MOT, road tax & Tyres
  • Fully comprehensive motor insurance and accident management services
  • Free home charger or free charging credit for the Electroverse public network
  • First 4,000 miles of electricity free of charge & 3p per mile electricity
When a new business signs up, Your Co-op will plant 10 trees and 1 extra tree for every car leased. For every driver, 1.5 tonnes of CO2 are saved per year by each EV used instead of a petrol or diesel car.

Octopus has made the scheme easy to manage for Employers and costs nothing to set up. Octopus' HR portal requires minimal admin and contains smart features like the Octopus Electroverse to manage any EV expenses & more.

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Halfords and Tredz Cycle to Work

By offering a cycle-to-work scheme, Employees can cut their commuting costs, promote a healthy lifestyle, and reduce their carbon footprints. This a great opportunity to further support your Employees and achieve CSR or sustainability targets, by collectively reducing carbon emissions.

Easy to set up, this cost-free scheme can save employees up to £420 on the cost of a brand-new bike and accessories.

To take advantage of this saving, a salary sacrifice is required, whereby employees agree to a reduction from their gross salary to cover the cost of the benefit - whilst enjoying saving on tax and National insurance. 

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your co-op plant a tree for every sign up

e-Moped from Silence

Zero-emission, money-saving commutes with a fully electric Moped can transform how businesses achieve their emission targets and retain talent. Unlike our other Green transport schemes, Employees can purchase an E-Moped directly or via a loan through our partnership with The Co-op Credit Union, meaning this isn't a salary sacrifice scheme, and you will also receive a 5% cashback.

Key benefits of this green transport scheme include:
  • Running cost is approximately 1p per mile,
  • 35-90-mile range, depending on battery size, ideal for city/town commutes,
  • A fully removable battery that charges from a standard UK plug socket,
  • Receive 5% cashback. 
  • Silence Bikes come with a 2-year warranty and the batteries have a 3-year warranty.
The light and agile E-Moped prioritises affordability and grants Employees a potentially quicker, zero-emission and low-cost commute to work. 

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