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Fairphone 4 Refurbished

Refurbished, refreshed and ready for a second life, the Fairphone 4 but at a lower price and manufacturer-approved for you. Enjoy the same performance, ethics, longevity and industry-leading 5-year warranty - that’s longer than the newest Samsung and Apple phones. 

Fairphone 4 Refurbished deals

Fairphone 4 in grey

Same Powerful Performance, even more Ethical

48MP's at the ready
Capture your world with a smart dual-camera system with 48-megapixels and an ultrawide lens. Record immersive 4K videos with image stabilisation, for super-smooth memory making.

Latest Android 13
Versatile and customisable, you can make your experience your own with Android 13. Enjoy the added security and zero bloatware of the latest OS, it’s as clean and easy as it gets.

Refurbished stops e-waste
By giving any smartphone a second life, you are reducing e-waste which per capita, the UK is the second highest producer of in the world. In 2022, over 100,000 tonnes of electronics reached our landfills. 

Full HD+ Display
High-definition scrolling on a 6.3-inch screen, protected by responsibly sourced aluminium and 100% recycled plastic covering the back. Functionality combined with robust sustainability.
Repairable for a long life
The modular design allows you to repair from home with ease. Simply unscrew your refurbished Fairphone 4 and swap modules out for the screen, battery and more, all without an expert or costing the Earth.

Superfast 5G
The next generation of superfast connections, 5G provides the fastest-ever speeds for smartphones. Download, share and stream on the go with the Fairphone 4 refurbished. 

Why a refurbished Fairphone 4?

The Fairphone 4 is a driver of positive change with more sustainable practices in production and Fairtrade, recycled and responsibly sourced materials. The renewably powered fair factories have some of the highest safety conditions and working standards in the technology industry, as well as paying living wage bonuses for employees. 

Industry-leading warranty cover for a smartphone, let alone for a refurbished one. The Fairphone 4's longevity provides peace of mind like no other and saves you money and carbon emissions with 33% fewer compared to an average smartphone. A 5-year warranty and a repairable design makes the refurbished Fairphone 4 a no-brainer to be your long-term companion.

Register your 5-year extended warranty here.

The only smartphone to be awarded by Ethical Consumer with the Best Buy Label for industry-leading ethics in production and lifecycle of the Fairphone 4. Ethical Consumer highlights the unrivalled commitment to strong workers’ rights, ethical supply chain management, sustainable practices, and encouraging the wider tech industry to make positive changes.
The Fairphone 4 refurbished supports 9 UN Sustainable Development Goals which is more than any other electronic device ever made. A Fairphone supports a fairer, more ethical, and sustainable world for all. 

What’s inside your Fairphone 4

Fairphone 4 battery


An easy-to-swap-out battery made with responsibly sourced Lithium and Fair Cobalt, integrated under the Fair Cobalt Alliance.
Fairphone 4 camera


Always capture the moment with a long-lasting and replaceable dual-camera module with 48MP.
Fairphone 4 USB-C


The daily driver element to your phone. Transferring charge and data to your Fairphone can take its toll. Thankfully it’s replaceable with just a screwdriver at home.
Fairphone 4 cover

Back Cover

The part that feels the greatest in your hand. Made with 100% recycled plastic, you can easily unclip the back cover to look inside your Fairphone 4.
Fairphone 4 speaker


Everyone deserves a voice, which is why the workers behind the sound have some of the safest, fairest, and highest levels of satisfaction in the tech industry. Take your Speaker out if you ever need to, swap in a new module, and get back to your sounds with ease.

What's in the box?

If you don't need it, it's not included!

woman using her refurbished Fairphone 4

Refurbished Fairphone 4: How does it work?

Adopt a sustainable smartphone that's even easier on the planet and your money, the Fairphone 4 refurbished has only been used for a maximum of 1 month in its first life, then sent to Fairphone to check and restore anything necessary before repackaging.
Refurbished doesn't limit longevity and futureproofing either, the Fairphone 4 new and refurbished both have the same 5-year warranty and software support. Cover that outlasts any new smartphone on the market. 

Where can I buy the spare parts for the Fairphone 4?

You can purchase the affordable modular parts for the Fairphone 4 here.

Does the Fairphone 4 have an IP rating?

Yes, the Fairphone 4 has an IP rating of 54, which means it is protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust and other particles. You can also be confident that it will be protected from water sprays from all angles.

What do I do with any old modular parts?

You can give these old parts a new life by recycling them locally to you. Your local council will likely have a webpage about recycling e-waste.

How long will the Fairphone 4 battery last?

Your battery should last 13 hours with phone call usage, keeping you going all day. With a 20W minimum charger, you can quick charge your battery back to 50% of its capacity within 30 minutes.

How easy is it to replace a modular part on the Fairphone 4?

To open up your Fairphone 4 and swap out every modular part, all you need is just a standard Philips 00 screwdriver (or similar). You’re likely to have one of these screwdrivers at home already. No experts are necessary.