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Spring Mobile and Broadband Sale at Your Co-op

Published date: March 2024

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Spring into Your Co-op’s Broadband and Mobile sale where new customers can step into a lower-carbon lifestyle with just a simple switch that saves you money for the whole of spring, or even all year long.
Don’t miss out on our spring sale and ensure that you’re better connected at home with faster broadband or on the go with a Fairphone and 5G SIMs that include free EU roaming. 

Spring SIM-only offers

Save with 5G SIM-only offers with triple data for the whole of your contract. Enjoy being better connected and take advantage of 9GB for the price of 3GB for just £9.90 per month or go big with 30GB for the price of 10GB, now just £11.70 per month.
Your Co-op Mobile keeps you connected with the No.1 EE network and provides free EU roaming to help you save while on holiday too. Not to mention the award-winning customer service Your Co-op Mobile provides and the ultimate flexibility of all contracts being 30-day rolling deals, so you always have the choice to leave early without penalty, though we think you’ll love your new triple data 5G SIM.
Each SIM also has a climate positive benefit to you and the world, as with our climate impact partners Ecologi, you will be reducing your carbon footprint each month by 10kg, and 6 trees will be planted each year. Learn more about climate positive Mobile.
Switch this Spring with ease and keep your number, explore our SIM-only offers here.

Fairphone bundle offers

Save on your Fairphone bundle with triple data SIMs, a better connection for the world’s most sustainable smartphones. Enjoy the Fairphone 4 with a newly upgraded 48MP camera and 9GB SIM for only £27 per month or the powerfully performing Fairphone 5 and 9GB SIM for £31.50 per month. Or go bigger with a 30GB SIM for the price of 10GB, available with both the Fairphone 4 and 5.

The Fairphone 4 and 5 come with the longest warranty on the market of 5-years and the Fairphone 5 has the longest software support of at least 8 years. Ensuring longevity is vital to Fairphone so making it not only possible but pleasing for customers with speedy processors, unique repairable designs and silky displays. This is how 5+ years of use is happily achieved, the longest of any smartphone brand.
Additionally, Fairphone has released a camera software update for the 48MP dual-camera system in response to users' long-term love for their Fairphone 4, enhancing the experience to match that of newer smartphones. Simply download the software and you’re ready to capture the world better than before (update for existing and new Fairphone 4’s).

The Fairphone 4 and 5 bundles are powerful symbols of sustainability that provide a simple solution to living more ethically, without changing your lifestyle.
Save with a Fairphone & SIM bundle to suit.

Spring Broadband sale

Wave away the last of the wet weather and dark nights with faster broadband that’s £3 off for Members, existing or newly signed-up. Save money ahead of the summer and reliably stream, scroll, and even work at home with savings for the whole of your contract. Perfect for any sized home looking to save throughout the season of spring with broadband speeds to suit all (36Mbps-900Mbps).
Not only will you be faster than ever, but you will also be helping to fight climate change. For every month of your contract, our climate impact partners Ecologi will be reducing your carbon footprint by 10kg and plant a tree. Learn more about our climate positive broadband.
Your Co-op Broadband also provides award-winning customer service recognised by Feefo and verified reviewers. We strive to always deliver industry-leading customer care, and this is made possible with our fantastic UK-based customer service team.


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