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Your Co-op offers the new Fairphone 5, the most powerful and sustainable smartphone to date

Published date: August 2023

three friends holding up fairphone 5s
Your Co-op is proudly offering the new Fairphone 5, the world’s most ethical smartphone with the greatest longevity of any mobile on the market. A device that helps solve one of the world’s most topical questions, how do we mitigate climate change without sacrificing the luxuries of our modern lifestyles?

Simply by switching to Fairphone 5, you are using a powerful Android device that competes with market leaders and supports low-emission, sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices that are world-leading in consumer electronics.

The Fairphone 5 at 256GB only comes in a cool blue, black and a unique transparent option. Enjoy the world’s most sustainable device in your colour for £600 or £25 per month. But why not pair it with a climate-positive SIM from just £35 per month and only £24 upfront.

As standard, the Fairphone 5 has a 5-year warranty to show how committed Fairphone is to the longevity of their smartphones. Once purchased, the warranty automatically begins without users needing to do anything, so they have peace of mind knowing their smartphone is covered for longer than any other on the market.

To find out more about the powerfully ethical Fairphone 5, please visit here.


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