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Co-operatives UK Welcomes New Phone Co-op Foundation

Published date: June 2017

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The announcement by The Phone Co-op that it is launching a new Phone Co-op Foundation for Co-operative Innovation has received an early endorsement from Co-operatives UK. The Foundation, which will aim to support the development of new co-operative initiatives, will be led by The Phone Co-op’s Founder, Vivian Woodell, who is stepping down from his role as Chief Executive at The Phone Co-op to work on the launch of the new body.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, has welcomed the move. He said: "The Phone Co-op under Vivian Woodell’s leadership has been in the vanguard of co-operatives nationally in terms of support for the development of other co-operatives. It is brilliant news for the sector that he will now step up this work with the generous support of The Phone Co-op and will be leading the new Phone Co-op Foundation for Co-operative Innovation. With Co-operativesUK’s new National Co-operative Development Strategy due for launch on July 1st, (something that Vivian has helped to support from the start), this is perfect timing. There is so much potential in the co-operative sector, and having the time and resource of Vivian as a co-operative entrepreneur and innovator, with the backing of The Phone Co-op helps to put our movement on the front foot."

Vivian Woodell, Founder of The Phone Co-op commented: “I am delighted that we have received this positive support from Co-operativesUK. We envisage that the new Foundation will work in close partnership with other organisations in the Co-operative Movement and more widely, and Co-operativesUK is a key player. We look forward to working closely with Ed Mayo and his colleagues.”


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