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A Family Guide To Broadband

When it comes to choosing the right broadband package for your family, there are several things you need to consider including broadband speed, connection and cost. The most important factor though, is that it works well for both you and your family. In this guide, we are going to help you choose the best broadband package for your family needs. 

Understand your family internet usage

To understand your internet usage, you first need to consider how many services are affecting your download speed. For example, large families may find their devices use up more usage; which could negatively affect download speeds. However smaller households may find their specific devices have a lesser impact, but the amount of time spent on them has a larger impact on download speeds. 

A large area that negatively impacts internet usage and download speeds is streaming. According to Ofcom, streaming subscriptions soared by 50% to more than 30 million during the pandemic. But these can cause a dramatic slow down in your internet speed; causing a higher usage demand. If you’re unsure what speed you need to stream programmes; check out our blog on broadband speeds for gaming and streaming.

If your household uses a lot of internet, we recommend restricting your router traffic. This can be done both manually through the router settings or automatically through software that can block traffic during certain times of the day. This also means your family can enjoy a wider range of media; watching a film on the television and streaming a programme on a tablet. Giving your household peace of mind. 

Consider your families’ carbon footprint 

Household carbon emissions and family broadband usage are often interlinked. However, did you know the true effect your carbon emissions are having? According to a 2019 Greenhouse Emissions Government Report, the UK average carbon footprint is around 10 tonnes of CO2e per person. This means if there are four people in your household, collectively you could be contributing 40 tonnes of carbon emissions; negatively contributing to global warming. 

Here at Your Co-op Broadband, we reduce carbon emissions through our partnership with Ecologi. Every month we fund projects that reduce 10kg of our customers' carbon footprint. We also plant trees throughout your contract period, contributing to future decarbonisation, protecting our environment. 

Find a package to suit your needs

At Co-op broadband, we offer a range of green broadband options to suit your needs. The most popular choice by our customers is our Superfast Fibre. With download speeds of 76Mbps, it’s ideal if you have multiple devices, have a large household, regularly stream programmes and enjoy online gaming. 

Our greenest option is our Ultra Fast Fibre offering up to 900mbps, ideal for connected families who need more speed. Using Fibre technology that uses up 80% less energy to deliver your connection, reducing your carbon footprint. 

If you're unsure which package will be best for your family, take a look at our ‘Help me Choose tool’. When you use this tool we ask a series of questions about your usage and number of devices; so we can recommend the best product for you; and your family. 

Extend the connection throughout the home

For nearly every household at one time or another wif-fi connection has been an issue. With unstable signals or a poor connection, you must have the best connection for your family. If your Wi-FI connection is an issue in your home, there are several ways you can boost the Wi-Fi signal in your home, so you can get the most out of your broadband. 

We offer Wi-Fi Plus for all our customers, for only £6.50 extra per month. Using Wi-Fi 6, the next generation of Wi-Fi is more efficient and effective in speeding up your internet connection. So whether your household is working from home or participating in online learning; you can have a reliable signal in every room. No matter where they are in the house. 

Looking for more advice on broadband services? Check out our guides from our tech experts.

Family Broadband FAQs

We know you may still have questions about finding the right family broadband package and whether you should go to more than one supplier. Here’s what we recommend…

Can you have two internet providers in one house?

Theoretically, you can have two different internet providers in one house. However, in doing this there is a vast technical set-up required, so people could effectively access this connection. This also leads to a bigger carbon footprint in your household. If you need a better connection, we suggest investing in a Wi-Fi extender. This can provide wider access across your home; without having to configure your IP Address. 

Will I need two broadband packages in my home?

No, one broadband package should be enough. With a wide range of broadband packages available, you should be able to find one that covers the needs of your family and household. It’s important to note also that two broadband packages require extensive set-up, maintenance and cost involved. It is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to find all in one broadband deals for large families; to cover both your internet usage, TV streaming and phone line if needed.