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Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Published date: December 2023

Gift-giving with longevity and ethics, explore our Fairbuds XL and Fairphones in our Winter Sale and help reduce the environmental stress of Christmas, without sacrificing powerful performance. 

Fairbuds XL Headphones - the perfect ethical Christmas gift

Over-ear headphones like no other, made from a blend of recycled plastics, metals, and Fairtrade Gold that come together in a modular design to deliver centre-stage performance. The Fairbuds XL offer an escape to your sounds with active noise cancellation that you can control, so it's your choice to let the world in or out. Enjoy plush vegan leather to cushion you into the superior sounds of a dynamic 40mm driver, with better than all-day listening, thanks to 30 hours of battery life.  

Made by Fairphone, these headphones provide the perfect ethical gift for any music lover, whilst being an industry-leading piece of sustainable technology that’s totally repairable. They're the world’s first headphones built with 100% Fairtrade gold, have minimised all possible carbon emissions in production, and directly contributed to climate projects. 

To find out more about the Fairbuds XL, please visit here

Save on the Fairphone 5 & SIM this Christmas

The world's most sustainable smartphone with an OLED display, 50MP dual cameras, and a 5-year warranty - making it the longest-lasting device you could give this Christmas. You can now save on the Fairphone 5 when opting for a climate-positive 5G SIM with EE's number 1 network from just £31.50 for Your Co-op Members. Not only are you saving money, but your bundle saves you carbon emissions too as our SIMs reduce 10kg of your CO2e every month, thanks to our climate impact partners Ecologi.
Fairphone 5 provides the latest generation of modular design that makes affordable repairability even easier and has 8 years of software support, the longest of any smartphone. If you're looking for a smartphone with the latest Android 13, a smooth OLED display and a crisp 50MP camera with a variety of 4K video modes, the Fairphone 5 with a climate-positive SIM is the perfect ethical gift to give this Christmas.

To find out more about the Fairphone 5, please visit here.

Fairphone 4 and Refurbished - Sustainable Christmas gifts that last longer

Go full circle with a refurbished Fairphone 4 that's manufacturer-approved with minimal use or save in our winter sale on a new Fairphone 4 with a climate-positive SIM bundle from just £25.20 for Members. Fairphone 4 enjoys the latest Android OS, a 48MP dual-camera system and 5G connectivity, it's also the first smartphone to be made with Fairtrade Gold, as well as recycled and responsibly sourced materials. 

No matter which Fairphone 4 you gift, both have modular designs to repair individual parts affordably and easily from home whilst also having a 5-year warranty. Fairphone provides future-proof value and peace of mind like no other, encased in sustainable materials, powered by a speedy processor, and finished with a 6.3-inch HD+ Display. 

To find out more about the Fairphone 4 & Refurbished, please visit here.


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