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Woman using Fairbuds XL and listening to music

Fairbuds XL

Why aren’t all headphones designed like this?

Sustainable and repairable technology at its most powerful with modular phones and headphones, helping you live a low-carbon lifestyle with minimal environmental impact. A modular design ensures parts can be easily replaced by you, so your tech can have the longest life possible – meaning it’s better for the planet and your wallet. Just pair with any smartphone and enjoy your favourite playlist with superior sound.

person wearing Fairbuds XL headphones looking into distance
person holding Fairbuds XL headphones
person wearing Fairbuds XL headphones looking into distance
person wearing Fairbuds XL headphones around their neck

Fairbuds XL Headphones - Great sound, sustainable design

The new Fairbuds XL headphones from Fairphone offers a new step into a world of ethical living and sustainable technology. They're the world’s first headphones built with 100% Fairtrade gold, have minimised all possible carbon emissions in production, as well as directly contributing to climate projects. Not to mention the 100% recycled aluminium and 80% recycled plastic, to ensure a truly ethical nature.

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Fairbuds XL leads to tree planting for a better planet
person building Fairbuds XL headphones

A new addition to the modularity family

The wireless Fairbuds XL offers a totally modular design – made up of 9 parts you can replace with ease, so you enjoy the reliable all-day comfort of your sounds for longer.

Fairphone also have you covered with a 2-year warranty and a commitment to long-term software support, so your Fairbuds are in it for the long haul to end e-waste.

Repairability brings a whole new meaning to timeless technology

  • Battery - A 30-hour battery that's easy to replace in no time for more than all-day power.
  • Speaker cable - The harmonising connection for each ear that simply plugs in and out.
  • Headband base - Protect all-day comfort with 80% recycled plastic - simply lock it in and get back to your comfort zone.
  • Speakers - Easily replace the centre stage of your versatile listening experience with voice assistants available. 
  • Headband - This band puts the head in headphones, letting you take on the most vigorous sound sessions.
  • Vegan headband cover - So plush you'll hardly know your Fairbuds XL are on - providing all-day comfort for your sounds. Simply slide off the band if you ever replace.
  • Ear cushion - The comfortable fit you’re used to, thanks to plush vegan leather. If you need to replace, all it takes is a quick twist, a swap and another twist.
  • Speaker covers - Made from recycled plastics, these covers protect the centre stage of your Fairbuds XL and look good doing it. Well worth replacing, if it ever comes to it.
  • 1.5m audio cable - Doubling up as both a charging cable and an audio wire for a traditional listening experience.

Woman using her Fairbuds XL

The big question is: why aren't all headphones designed like this?

"They are well made, comfortable to wear for long periods, have excellent controls, the battery lasts a long time and you could carry a spare one if you wanted to. They connect to two Bluetooth devices at once, support high quality audio standards and sound great. They even have pretty good noise cancelling and are weather resistant despite being modular.''

Find out what The Guardian had to say about the Fairbuds XL.

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person wearing Fairbuds XL headphones whilst looking at their Fairphone 4 mobile

Superior sound meets sustainable technology

A new superior sound experience that lasts longer than all-day with 30 hours of battery. The first headphones which harmonise clarity from a dynamic 40mm driver and unrivalled sustainable technology, resulting in a deep bass, warm mids and clear highs for even longer.

Don't forget the Bluetooth 5.1 connection can hold 2 devices at once so no one misses out and you can even plug in for a traditional wire connection to your smartphone. Either way, you'll still have smart voice assistants active like Siri and Alexa to help you through the day and minimise pauses between your sounds.

Fairbuds XL have you covered on IOS & Android

  • Make sound your own with signature EQ settings provided by the award-winning Sonarworks.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device on IOS or Android
  • Software updates.
  • Support at your fingertips.


Fairbuds XL app on IOS storeFairbuds XL app on Google play

view of Fairbuds XL headphones from the bottom
view of Fairbuds XL headphones from the side
view of Fairbuds XL headphones from the side
view of Fairbuds XL headphones from the top
Fairphone bundle includes Fairphone, SIM & Fairbuds XL Headphones

Fairphone 4 Bundle from £40 per month

The world's most sustainable smartphone

The Fairphone bundle includes:

  • Fairphone 4
  • Fairbuds XL headphones
  • SIM (choose from 30GB & 100GB 30 day contracts)

The Fairphone 4 is the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. Modular in design, using Fairtrade and recycle materials, 5G ready, premium camera, Dual SIM and backed by a 5-year warranty. 

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person holding their Fairphone 4 mobile

Fairphone - Repairable phones that last longer

The Fairphone's modular design means repairs can be made affordably and easily when swapping the phone’s screen, cameras, ports and battery, all you'll need is a screwdriver to help maximise the Fairphone's value. Your Co-op also provides a climate-positive benefit to your contract with a 10kg carbon reduction each month, as well as trees planted throughout your contract period thanks to our climate-impact partners, Ecologi.
Regularly upgrading your phone can become a thing of the past. A repairable phone can help to reduce e-waste and carbon emissions, but the Fairphone can especially as it's a climate-conscious device made with Fairtrade, responsibly sourced and recycled materials.

The average user of a Fairphone keeps their device for 5 years at a time and this is only growing, saving users 31% of their annual carbon emissions made by their smartphones. This longevity is made possible by a simple modular design, an industry-leading 5-year warranty and ongoing software support. 

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Woman smiling with her Fairphone while taking a photo

Sustainable technology with Fairphone is the only way

By partnering with the world’s most ethical electronics manufacturer, Your Co-op are supporting the advancement in sustainable technology that Fairphone is forging. With every Fairphone sold, we are triggering the recycling of an old phone so that the mobile market isn’t growing in mass and e-waste is a step closer to being ended. We are also supporting a sustainable supply chain that recycles a growing number of precious materials, producing long-lasting and repairable electronics.