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  • 6GB RAM/128GB Storage
  • Available in Grey
  • 48MP Dual Cameras
  • 5G Ready
  • 5 year warranty
£500 one-off
(excl vat £416.67)
  • 8GB RAM/256GB storage
  • Available in Green
  • 48MP Dual Cameras
  • 5G Ready
  • 5 year warranty
£560 one-off
(excl vat £466.67)

< 1 > 2 Results

Fairphone 4 for powerful carbon-cutting use

The Fairphone 4 is a powerful Android device with plenty of storage that is built to last like no other. With a 5-year warranty and software support, it is the most sustainable phone in the world in more ways than one. By owning and using a Fairphone 4, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint with some added help from our climate action partners Ecologi.

You are consuming ethically and taking a simple yet significant step towards a future that is not sacrificing performance for sustainability and handset longevity. The sustainability credentials of the handset address 9 of the 15 United Nations Sustainability Goals, so by choosing the Fairphone 4 you are actively supporting a fairer and better world for all.

The Fairphone 4 has a perfect iFixit score of 10/10 for the quality of its repairability, proving the ease of changing parts, which helps support the longevity the handset offers to users. This is combined with the 5-year warranty, software support and water resistance, making for a handset that can be lived with for longer.

Fairphone is one step ahead to ensure there is never truly an end to a phone's lifecycle, by making each handset e-waste neutral before purchase. This is so you can be confident your choice is part of the solution and not the problem, and make a further significant carbon emission saving, by not switching to a new handset when parts need replacing.

A handset could not be more future-ready for a user by combining performance and industry-leading sustainability, it can even be doubled up with two mobile numbers with dual-SIM functionality. You can therefore have a Fairphone 4 as your personal and work mobile, all in one, thanks to a physical SIM and an e-SIM being compatible.