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New Fairphone 4 Camera Upgrade - A Sustainable Improvement at Great Value

Published date: February 2024

The Fairphone 4 has been re-introduced with a major software update to the 48-megapixel dual-camera system that now provides a totally new and improved experience. Simply by downloading the new software to your Fairphone 4, you'll have a brand-new camera ready and waiting. 

To ensure its longevity, Fairphone is committed to software support to at least 2028 and a 5-year extended warranty (industry-leading), but they also listen to your feedback, which is why the camera system has had a complete overhaul. 

Longevity isn't just a guarantee of long-term use, it's also a guarantee of value for the total cost of ownership, which is considerably lower than other mobile brands. So it's safe to say that with the brand-new camera updates that boost it's already industry-leading longevity, the Fairphone 4 is only getting better with age. 

Discover more about the Fairphone 4 here.

Fairphone 4 has a brand-new camera experience

To welcome you back to your camera, there is a new app experience that's similar to the Fairphone 5, creating a slick memory-making hub on your Fairphone 4. 

The dual-camera system is now far faster too, with 50% quicker shot-on-shot time and 230% faster first-shot time to get you closer to capturing your moments. 

The dark nights and dimly lit rooms just become a whole lot brighter, with significant improvements to low-light performance. You can capture cityscapes and portraits at night with real clarity and definition that makes your camera feel almost unrecognisable from previous performance.

Zoom with a virtually new lens

The main camera's zoom has been advanced to that of a premium model bearing a premium price, but Fairphone sticks to its principles of making longevity not only possible but pleasing too. Now you can focus in on the details that make the views memorable and special moments that much clearer. All as part of a free update that only requires a simple software download for you to start enjoying the best of their Fairphone 4. 

Fairphone has fine-tuned both the main and ultrawide camera software so that your photos and videos can benefit from the full potential of two 48MP lenses. Additionally, there is new AI scene detection software that vastly improves the clarity, focus and lighting, as well as refined image stabilisation for videos using both the main and ultrawide lens. 

Sustainability meets even greater longevity for the Fairphone 4

Camera upgrades are practically unheard of for any smartphone, especially for a previous model, which means the Fairphone 4 is more than delivering on its promise of being a long-term companion that's sustainable and reliable. 

The Fairphone 4 provides great value for money no matter how you choose to switch, not to mention it's also easy and affordable to repair at home. iFixit gave the Fairphone 4 their first-ever perfect 10/10 rating for the quality and convenience of repairability. The industry-leading repairability is all thanks to the 8-part modular design, which allows you to easily unscrew and unclip modules to then replace them with new ones. 

A sustainable approach which gets the most out of every piece of ethically sourced material for the device and helps slow down the fast-paced electronics industry with a 2-year trend of obtaining new smartphones. 

Not only this, but the Fairphone 4 is also e-waste neutral, so for every unit purchased, an old phone will have been collected and recycled or refurbished for a second life. 

Adopt a sharper shooting and ethically made Fairphone 4 and enjoy living more sustainably a long-term companion that's backed by industry-leading software support and warranty. 

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What is the new Fairphone 4 camera upgrade?

The Fairphone 4 camera system received a significant software update that improves its overall performance, making it more competitive with higher-end models. This update is entirely free and available to all Fairphone 4 users.

How does the update improve the camera?

The update brings several major improvements, including:
  • Faster performance: 50% quicker shot-to-shot time and 230% faster first-shot time.
  • Enhanced low-light performance: Capture clear and defined photos in dimly lit environments.
  • Improved zoom: Zoom quality comparable to newer and premium smartphone models.
  • New app experience: Similar to the Fairphone 5 camera app, offering a more user-friendly interface.

Does the upgrade require any new hardware?

No, the update utilizes the existing 48MP dual-camera system on the Fairphone 4. The software unlocks the full potential of the hardware, improving image processing and overall camera functionality.

How much does the update cost?

The software update is entirely free for all Fairphone 4 users. 

How do I download the update?

Software updates are typically notified through your phone's notification panel. You can also check for updates by going to your phone's settings and searching for "Software update".

Where can I learn more about the camera upgrade?

You can find more information about the Fairphone 4 camera update on the Fairphone 4 page.
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