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Fairphone Wins Mobile World Congress Award for Sustainability!

Published date: April 2024

GLOMO mobile awards logo 2024
We are thrilled to share that Fairphone has received the prestigious GLOMO Award for Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action 2024! 

What are the Mobile World Congress Awards (GLOMOs)?

The GLOMOs are the Oscars of the smartphone world and are judged by industry experts. Winning this award is a significant acknowledgment of Fairphone’s commitment to sustainability and brings it centre stage for the entire mobile industry.

Here's a breakdown of what makes GLOMO’s so important:
  • Organized by the GSMA: The awards are presented by the GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications Association), the world's largest mobile operator lobby group. This group hold significant weight and influence within the mobile tech industry.
  • Judged by experts: A panel of over 200 independent judges, consisting of the leading experts in their sectors, carefully evaluate submissions across various categories.
  • Ultimate industry recognition: Winning a GLOMO Award signifies outstanding achievement and provides recognition from industry peers who are likely in competition. Being shortlisted itself is a mark of great achievement ahead of other mobile manufacturers. 
These awards also offer valuable insights for you too. Knowing which companies are recognised for excellence can help you make informed choices when switching mobile phones, services, and plans. Fairphone winning "Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action" indicates a promise to sustainability above all other manufacturers, which is a growing priority for mobile users.

Why does the Mobile World Congress Award for Sustainable Innovation matter?

Smartphones have a massive environmental footprint, especially during production. Fairphone tackles this head-on by focusing on two key areas:
  • Making phones that last: They prioritise durable and modular designs so you can hold onto your phone for years longer than any other. This means less e-waste entering landfills (Fairphone's are also e-waste neutral).
  • Reducing emissions: Fairphone uses recycled and responsibly sourced materials and makes its devices climate-consciously. Additionally, the Fairphone 5 is manufactured using only renewable energy throughout production!

Fairphone’s Commitment beyond the GLOMO

Fairphone have also proudly been presented with the MEF Sustainability Award for their sustainability initiatives in software/IT and the Fairphone 5 even bagged a 2024 iF Design Award for its modular construction. 

These accolades showcase how Fairphone is leading the industry towards a more sustainable future for mobile technology. Fairphone is proving that ethical practices can go hand-in-hand with innovation and powerful performance.

We believe everyone deserves a choice when it comes to aligning their values with a smartphone, which is why we offer the Fairphone to members and customers. By choosing Fairphone, you're not just getting a great phone, you're making a positive impact on the planet.

Find out more about the Fairphone here.

Together, let's make the mobile industry a more sustainable place! 


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