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Fairphone 5 review: A Month’s test - Unveiling the Sustainable Smartphone Experience!

Published date: March 2024

Deconstructed Fairphone 5
The Fairphone 5 has been around for a little while since its release in September 2023, so it would only be right to carry out a Fairphone 5 review comparing the experience to that of IOS and Apple. Your Co-op's own Ayesha Di'Angelo was tasked with testing all things Fairphone for a month and is now ready to share her thoughts on the Fairphone 5.


1. What phone did you have before and how does it compare to your Fairphone 5?

"I had the iPhone 14 Pro Max and I have used an Apple smartphone for most of my life so naturally trying an Android Fairphone 5 presented a new user experience to get used to. The feel of the phone in hand was certainly different to an iPhone, it felt sturdier and well-built which gave me confidence that it would withstand a long life".

"Overall, the Fairphone 5 compares well, especially considering an iPhone is at the top end of the market and is very expensive. The main aspects were well covered and I had no complaints when using social media, business apps, cameras, emails, calls and texts".

The Fairphone 5 doesn't try to be anything it isn't though whilst being the world's most ethical, sustainable and longest-lasting smartphone, it also provides almost all the user benefits of a top-end premium iPhone which can cost twice as much. 

2. Why did you want a Fairphone 5 and what do you love about the experience?

"I wanted to try a sustainable smartphone as I know they're growing each year in popularity and importance to our planet. I also wanted to find out how they compared to an iPhone and what I would perceive to be a top-end premium smartphone".
"I think most people stick to what they know – I have always had iPhones but I have friends who are Android users and swear by it and feel it's better than IOS".

"When using the Fairphone I really enjoyed the comfort of using a guilt-free device which I think is very rare in this day and age. I know that Fairphone uses ethically sourced materials, no child labour and treats their workers well so it felt good to be using a Fairphone 5".

The Fairphone 5 is made with 70% fair materials which is a combination of responsibly sourced, recycled and Fairtrade Gold, making it the least environmentally impactful electronic on the market today. They are made climate-conscious with renewable-powered fair factories and are e-waste neutral, so a phone is recycled or refurbished for every Fairphone 5 purchase.

Fairphone is also pioneering new initiatives with partners on the ground who ensure child labour is never used and small-scale mining for materials such as Fairtrade Gold, is a job that is safe and beneficial in supporting a family. 

3. Was it easy to go from iPhone to Fairphone?

"At first, I found it difficult to go from Apple's iOS to Android but after a while, I acclimatised. I managed to stop trying to flip pages up on autopilot and grew to appreciate the Android 13 operating system, it eventually felt natural to navigate".
Android smartphones have grown in popularity every year with people switching. Statista found that between 2011 and 2023 there was a 30% growth in the market share for Android smartphones to now have a roughly 50-50 split between IOS and Android users in the UK. 

Many Android smartphone users report that they find the operating system to be more intuitive, and customisable. There is also a greater variety of options in the Android market so mobiles like Fairphone offer a more affordable option without compromising on performance and luxuries you would come to expect with a modern smartphone. 

4. What is your favourite Fairphone 5 feature?

"This might be a bit strange but I was blown away by the fact that the Fairphone didn’t come with a charger! At first, I thought this was a disadvantage and I would have to purchase one separately, but the box does state, ‘You probably have one already’ and I certainly did".

"A really simple feature that gives quite a strong minder on limiting electronic waste and just how easy it is to fit a Fairphone 5 in with the other devices you already own".

The Fairphone 5 also offers a premium 50MP dual-camera system and 50MP selfie camera that displays your snaps on a vibrant OLED screen. But the most unique feature to Fairphone has to be its modular design of 10 parts that makes the device repairable from home. By swapping out parts easily and affordably, your Fairphone 5 can comfortably last far-beyond its industry-leading warranty of 5 years, there’s software support until at least 2031!

5. Would you recommend a Fairphone 5 to a friend?

"100%, especially if they are already used to Android's operating system as they can have the same experience on an ethically made smartphone that you can repair yourself".

It seems to be a no-brainer if you need a new smartphone that provides a similar experience as leading models on the market with sustainability and longevity credentials that cannot be rivalled in the entire electronics industry. 

Get your Fairphone 5 here and start living more sustainably without changing your lifestyle.


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