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Fairphone 5 - Powerful performance made ethical

Published date: August 2023

woman pulling fairphone 5 from her shirt pocket
Fairphone, the creators of the world’s most ethical electronics have officially launched their 5th generation smartphone, with the promise of long-term performance, support, and sustainability. Their mission is to prove that smartphones can have a low environmental impact and bring positive social change, so we can be kinder to the planet and people. 

One of the features that supports this is a totally modular design, and so the Fairphone is easy to repair, making it the most cost-effective Android on the market. Available with 256GB storage which can be extended up to 1TB, in black, blue or a unique transparent option. 

The Fairphone 5 is equipped with an industry-leading 5-year warranty, 5G connectivity, 8-year chip support and 70% fair materials. You'll be faster and more powerful for longer.

Don’t let your smartphone leave a dent in the planet, support it with the Fairphone 5 instead for just £600 or £35 per month with a SIM bundle and only £24 upfront.

How is the Fairphone 5 fair?

Fair for the planet

The environmental impact of a smartphone mainly occurs during production, so Fairphone have reduced their carbon footprint with a climate-conscious effort. So, the longer you keep it, the more emissions you save.

The Fairphone 5 contains 14 focus materials to ensure they are always sourcing sustainably and fairly. Unique to Fairphone is Fairtrade Gold, a first in the mobile phone industry. Other materials include 100% recycled plastic, ASI-certified aluminium, and IRMA Iron. Together, 70% of the Fairphone 5 is made with fair materials, making it a truly sustainable option in the unethical smartphone market.

Fair for people

Together with their suppliers, Fairphone is making the mobile industry a far fairer place for workers from the beginning and end of the production process. The steps Fairphone have taken for workers include:
  • Living wage bonus
  • Representation is guaranteed for all workers by their partner Arima providing opportunities and platforms to raise concerns, suggest changes and more.
  • SA8000 certification which is amongst the highest standards of safety and fair conditions.
  • No child labour and provide assistance to small-scale mining communities to end child labour.
Every new Fairphone user helps to make the smartphone industry a better place.

Future-proof performance

The Fairphone 5 comes with a unique Octa-chipset with at least 8 years of software support, allowing for the fastest and most powerful Android experience. The industry-leading commitment to longevity provides a cohesive and customisable experience that's built to last.

5-year warranty as standard

To support the vision of longevity turning into reality, Fairphone have issued a 5-year warranty for all Fairphone 5 users. Once purchased, your warranty is automatically started, so users can start enjoying the longest-lasting, manufacturer-protected smartphone on the planet.

Modular saves money

The Fairphone 5 has a 10-part modular design which means all the different elements that make up the device can be individually and easily replaced. A broken screen or an ageing battery can be swapped out using just a screwdriver at home with affordable parts from Fairphone.

The world-leading repairability Fairphone offers allows users to stop the cycle of purchasing a new mobile every 2.5 years (average time kept UK). This culture of waste damages our planet as over 36 thousand tonnes of E-waste enters UK landfill each year.

To help end this issue, Fairphone recycles an old phone for every new Fairphone user, operating as E-waste neutral. keep your Fairphone for as long as possible and save money, the planet and end E-waste. 

Specs of the Fairphone 5

The Fairphone 5 with 5G connectivity comes in one storage option at 256GB and 3 colours, including black, cool blue and a unique translucent option. Both the front and back camera sets utilise 50Megapixel systems for the sharpest snaps that match leading mobiles on the market.

Not only is there protection from a 5-year warranty and a modular design, the 6.4-inch display is made from tough Gorilla glass 5.

To find out more about the Fairphone 5, please visit here.



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