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The Fairphone App, what's in it for me?

Published date: October 2023

In 2020, the MyFairphone app was launched for all Fairphone customers to elevate their experience with the device and offer convenient support at any time. The app is pre-loaded on the Fairphone 5, 4 and 3(+), meaning virtually every Fairphone user has access to support at their fingertips.

Thanks to user feedback, the MyFairphone app is growing in features with every update. Up to the September 2023 update and revamp, the app includes.
  • Live device info
  • Quick start guide
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Extended warranty info
  • Help from Fairphone's support team
  • How-to videos for swapping modules
  • Discussions with the unique Fairphone community
  • Fairphone stories, news and tips for maximising longevity
Home page of MyFairphone

From the home of the app you have easy access to the most relevant features, like live device information, warranty registration, news, support and much more. The home tab also features the latest stories and news where you can read the latest Impact report and find out about new activities and products by Fairphone.

As the news highlights are customised, it does require you to make a MyFairphone Account for those messages to appear.

Stories & news just for you

Tab and scroll through a dedicated content feed which has been customised to your Fairphone journey so far. Watch useful videos about your device, repairing demos and tips on maximising longevity. You can celebrate your milestones in Fairphone longevity as you show the smartphone industry that products can be ethically made and sustainably maintained.

Discover how the use of your Fairphone is positively impacting the planet along with over 400,000 other Fairphone users. Using the app also makes you the first to know about all the updates, product announcements and other developments of Fairphone. Remember, you can always tweak your notification preferences to only be alerted to the type of news you want to receive.

The Live device info

This phone tab is dedicated to you getting the most out of your Fairphone. It allows you to check in with how your device is performing and better understand your phone habits. It even tells you the live core temperature of the device so you can always help your Fairphone operate at its full capacity.

Fairphone support & troubleshooting

If you ever have a problem with your Fairphone, this is the place to go. If you aren't quite sure what the issue is, there are some easy tests you can do to find out. Then you can swipe to the support articles and videos to resolve the problem yourself or you can always contact the Fairphone support team to walk you through a solution.

The future of the MyFairphone app

Fairphone is in the evolutionary process of turning the MyFairphone app into a central hub for everything a customer may possibly need. There are constant improvements being made to the personalised impact data, troubleshooting features and more. The goal is to bring together all the Fairphone services, support and information into the app.

Make sure you turn on automatic updates in your settings, so you always have the latest version, granting you the best support and experience. The newest version of the MyFairphone app is available on the Fairphone 5, 4 & 3 via the Google Play Store.

To find out more about the Fairphone 5, please visit here.


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What is the MyFairphone App?

The MyFairphone App is a free app designed to help Fairphone users get the most out of their devices. It is pre-installed on Fairphone 5, 4, and 3(+) models and can be downloaded by other users from the Google Play Store.

What features does the MyFairphone App offer?

The app offers various features, including:
  • Live device information: View key information about your phone's battery health, storage usage, and software version.
  • Quick start guide: Access a user-friendly guide to help you set up and use your Fairphone.
  • Troubleshooting tools: Find solutions to common issues and troubleshoot any problems you encounter.
  • Warranty registration: Easily register your phone's warranty for future reference.
  • Support from Fairphone: Access support options, including live chat and email contact with Fairphone's customer support team.
  • How-to videos: Learn how to perform basic repairs and maintenance tasks on your Fairphone through instructional videos.
  • Discussions with the community: Connect with other Fairphone users, share experiences, and ask questions in the app's dedicated forum.
  • Fairphone stories and news: Stay up to date on the latest news from Fairphone, including product launches, sustainability efforts, and company updates.

Do I need to create an account to use the app?

While some features like accessing news and community forums require a MyFairphone account, the majority of the app's functionalities are available without creating an account.

Is the app secure?

Fairphone emphasizes user data privacy and security. You can find more information about their data practices and security measures on the Fairphone website.

How do I download the MyFairphone App?

If your phone is not a Fairphone 5, 4, or 3(+), you can download the app from the Google Play Store by searching for "MyFairphone".
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