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The Fairphone 4, four weeks on

Published date: September 2022

Amelia Crews’ experience of the Fairphone 4

Meet Amelia Crews, an Innovation Co-ordinator at Your Co-op Energy who has activism at the heart of her work. With her passion for solving climate and environmental issues, after starting her innovation role, she then became a member of the Ecologi Climate Committee to further her efforts in combatting the climate crisis. 

Amelia’s belief is that her work life and activism are seamless, as her role at Your Co-op Energy plays a part in the solutions towards the climate and energy crisis.

Why did you switch to the Fairphone 4 Amelia? 

“The simplest answer is that I was intrigued by Fairphone’s sustainable credentials and wanted to see if it lived up to the halo many environmentalists have given it. My own values cannot be met by any other mobile provider, so that alone was a huge draw for me to the Fairphone”. 

The Fairphone 4 is the only company in its industry to be awarded a Fairtrade Gold Certificate for their sustainable and responsible supply chain, that is consistent throughout production. 

“Knowing that by choosing to use a Fairphone, I am both lessening my footprint and advocating for a greener mobile industry, is something that cannot be understated. When integrating this switch alongside other lifestyle changes, we are consciously selecting a more hopeful future”.

With that in mind, the Fairphone was a very natural fit for Amelia and she has been using it for over a month as part of her daily life. 

How as a mobile user, has the Fairphone experience been? 

“At first, it was quite a change after years with the same mobile brand but a mistake I made was that I didn’t give a lot of time to getting used to the Fairphone. Though as people may know, switching to any android can be quite the leap from other types of mobiles”.

However, after some time using the Fairphone each day, she has grown to love it and it some areas has outshone her previous mobile phone. 

“I find the interface much more mature and intelligent than previous mobiles, and I don’t feel the Fairphone performance is a big compromise when comparing to my previous phone. The battery life is on a par with my previous mobile which is really pleasing and it’s just as reliable as other phones”. 

“I swore by my previous mobile brand and am surprised at my immediate love for the Fairphone”.

How has the Fairphone 4 made Amelia the Climate Activist feel? 

“I would say I feel genuinely proud to use it, even after a relevantly short period of ownership. There is definitely a sense of comfort knowing that I own a device that’s fair for the planet and people”.

“Before using the Fairphone, there was an element of guilt about using my previous phone as its materials and supply chain were very different to Fairphones and obviously not sustainable”.

The sustainable impact of switching gets to work instantly, as the partnership Your Co-op has for has with Ecologi means that a tree is planted, and carbon is reduced from the moment of purchase, which is a huge step in the right direction. 

“I happily share my experience of the Fairphone with everyone. However, I am very conscious and advocate that the most sustainable phone is the one you already have. It’s the turnover of multiple phones that is a damaging practice and if we can replace that with either sticking to one phone or switching to a Fairphone, that’s a huge progression”.

Will you be continuing to use the Fairphone and encouraging others to make the switch? 

“I will definitely be continuing with the Fairphone 4 and not switching back to my previous mobile phone! I have found the capability of the device and the android operating system perfect for everyday use and the sustainability of the phone really aligns with my values”.

“Something I am excited to test is the unique feature of changeable parts, which is quite unique and affordable, unlike other mobile phones”. 

“If you are considering changing your mobile device, I would highly recommend switching to the Fairphone 4. Though really consider how you dispose of your old phone, take them to a recycling company or consider donating it to someone”.

For more information on switching to the Fairphone 4 and making a more climate positive solution, Click Here

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Well done, Amelia. Ive had my Fairphone 4 for over 12 months and am delighted with it, both from using it day-to day knowing Ive got change in my hands. I did some upgrades to my Fairphone 3 the walk through videos make any work on the phone a breeze. Im a big FF enthusiast!

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