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Your Co-op Broadband and our unique Fair Price Promise

Published date: January 2020

fppboard24.jpg The UK’s telecoms market is among the most competitive in the world. This has delivered significant choice and value for money for most customers. It is estimated that over 10 million customers in the UK are currently on deals with a price increase at contract renewal. These are often buried in the small print of contracts, leaving customers under-informed and ‘burned’ by contract renewals – which often happens without fair warning to the customer. Some contracts even lock consumers into a service where they are already overcharged.
Ofcom wants customers to get a fair deal for their services, but choice can sometimes be confusing. Ofcom’s Fairness for Customers programme includes a range of initiatives to help ensure customers are treated fairly and can find the best deals for them.  

Our unique Fair Price Promise

We believe the consumer should always get a fair deal. We value total transparency and honesty. 

We wanted to commit to our vision of a fairer, better world through our Fair Price Promise, offered through our Broadband packages. 

We are the UK’s only telecoms Co-operative. We are a membership organisation, meaning our priority is providing a flawless and, above all, fair service to our members. 

Our Fair Price Promise has three leading promises for our members and customers: 

You’ll pay the price you agreed, throughout the contract and afterwards

Our initial contract period starts at 12 months, and the price you pay when you sign up will be the price you pay throughout that period. When your contract ends, you’ll carry on paying the standard rate. No price hikes, no nasty surprises.

You’ll always pay our lowest standard prices 

If your standard rate reduces before the end of your contract, you will automatically be charged the lower price. If our standard rates rise, you will be advised before you renew your contract. No rip-offs, no arguments. 

You’ll get the service we promise – or you can walk away

If there’s a problem with reliability, or you’re not getting the speeds we’ve told you your line is capable of, we’ll do our best to resolve the issue within 30 days of you reporting it, If we can’t, you can cancel your contract and walk away. No penalties, no questions asked.  

Fair Price Promise applies to all broadband packages offered on our website today 

We believe we can provide broadband you can trust.

Ensuring fairness for our members and customers is a priority for us – particularly for those in vulnerable circumstances.  


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