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Android 7 upgrade and a look refresh for Fairphone 2

Published date: May 2018

By Pat Moral

After nearly three years since the Fairphone 2 handset released, the Dutch Social Enterprise is not releasing a new model just yet. Instead, they are extending the life cycle of their existing model as much as they can. 

How you may wonder? A smartphone longevity relies both on software and hardware. If you don’t update your operating system some apps may not work and you may not be able to use your phone properly. Same happens if you break the screen or the battery stops recharging. 

Right now, Fairphone are working hard to get Android 7.1 ‘Nougat’ into the hands of existing and new Fairphone 2 customers – the estimated launch date is still to be confirmed but it will be sometime this summer. The upgrade to ‘Nougat’ means they’ll be able to keep providing monthly security updates and patches. Android 7 also brings Doze Mode 2.0, a feature that aims to extend battery life by putting inactive apps on standby. Don’t worry – your fitness and tracker apps will keep going in the background.

Fairphone 2 has also refreshed its look with two see-through cases: a transparent and black translucent to show off the Fairphone 2’s modular and made to be opened design. 

We have spotted other ‘look’ changes like the Fairphone lettering on the back in white and not metallic or the ‘change is in your hands’ slogan on the new battery which can be seen if you have one of the see-through new covers.

Have you spotted any more differences? If you do, please leave a comment on our blog.


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