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Business Mobile 

There’s more to mobile than the brand name. Users want the very best experiences and the ability to access their productivity apps from anywhere. Your organisation needs to know user are securely connected and all corporate data is secure. And because buying your contract, smartphone or MiFi tablet shouldn’t cost the earth, we offer a wide range of tariff and sustainably sourced and refurbished devices. 

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An ethical approach to business mobile

  • SIM-only contracts to reduce business and environmental costs of new handsets 
  • Wide range of refurbished smartphones and wireless enabled tablets, including Fairphone  
  • Flexible bundles on the UK’s leading mobile networks for 4/5G connectivity  

Equip your teams with the world’s most sustainable smartphone

From the earth to the pocket, a smartphone’s journey is filled with unfair practices and contributes to the 50 million tonnes of e-waste sent to landfills every year. Fairphone is committed to doing things differently. All Fairphones are designed to last longer, be easier to repair and use materials that can be recycled into new devices. Call it a sustainable revolution! 

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