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Your Co-op Business Solutions have proudly partnered with Wildix to advance our VoIP & Unified Communications offerings to businesses in need of sustainable solutions that convert into sales.
We are experienced in future-proofing businesses with a market-leading level of products and expertise that can improve communications and collaboration to ensure the highest level of productivity.
As more businesses move away from traditional communication systems that are tied down to landlines, cloud-based systems are the answer that Wildix collaboration provides to any business. Switching is quick and simple, so your business can carry on as usual with a new cost-effective solution. Not only this, but Your Co-op will reduce your business carbon emissions each month, so you are doubly saving on your business expenses and CO2e footprint. 

What can Wildix offer my Business?

Wildix collaboration offers the first sales-orientated Unified Communication solution, the next generation in business technology Integration.

It allows your entire communication network both internal and external amongst your valued customers, to be fully cohesive, maximising productivity and driving service and sales through your organisation. Without the hassle and a simple switch to Wildix so your business can continue as usual.

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Greater efficiency

Wildix can save up to 25% of Time on Daily Operations

Your business can streamline colleagues’ daily processes with a smart Wildix solution. Allow your business to be better connected, more cohesive and level-up collaboration to save time. Wildix solutions can be fully integrated into your company’s management software (CRM, SAP and more: you’ll discover all about our integration solutions).

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Increase productivity & cut costs

Your head of IT will be happy to install Wildix UC&C systems business-wide as they take only a few minutes. Providing a fuss-free experience for employees without any interruption. 

Wildix is the first totally web-based and mobile solution: Wildix apps work on any iOS or Android smartphone, so colleagues can stay connected in the office, out and about or even abroad.

Secure by design icon

Secure by design

100% Security with No Further Applications

Don’t risk safety and high-security costs on an older system for your business. Wildix provides a more cost-effective and inherently safe service with products that protect voice and data with a native encryption system. 

Cutting your carbon emissions

Your Co-op will reduce the emissions of every business user of a Wildix product by 10kg of CO2e per month and plant trees throughout your contract. This could be 50 users in your business using Wildix communications, reducing 500kg of CO2e every month you are with Your Co-op Business Solutions. This carbon-cutting solution can help your business achieve its NetZero targets faster and is all made possible through our climate-action partners, Ecologi


Trees planted


Tonnes of carbon reduction

Stand out with tailored additions to your UC

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Make your business fly with Kite by communicating with customers closer than ever before. Let visitors find the right person to contact on your website via chat, calls or video calls. Connect sooner and have more engaging sales discussions, all on a free and easy-to-use platform.

man wearing headphones and using his laptop


X-Hoppers makes any in-store sales team feel twice its size by utilising scannable barcodes which provide detailed product information to customers and can alert sales staff to provide assistance and reduce, or notify, against in-store crime. Not only this but staff can communicate more effectively with versatile headsets to help maximise sales, increase store efficiency, and more. 

workers working in a call centre


Don’t let leads, sales and important decisions slip away by using X-Bees, your sticky sales communication platform. Automate your CRM, schedule meetings with a click and quickly gather your team remotely for efficient collaboration so you can get back to your valuable customers.

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Experience the only phone system integration with Microsoft Teams, that doesn’t require additional Microsoft licenses (E5, E3, Teams Phone licenses). 

An out-the-box, advanced integration plugin that allows you to connect a Wildix PBX (cloud phone system) with the MS Teams platform. Through this integration, Teams users can not only place and receive VoIP calls but also benefit from all the advanced telephony features of Wildix directly within Teams.

What makes Wildix Collaboration different to other UC solutions?

Wildix Collaboration provides all your methods of business communication in one place, which includes video conferencing, audio/video calls, chat and more. With Wildix Collaboration, teams that are spread across remote locations can work just as efficiently as in the office. 

Unlike other UCaaS solutions, Wildix Collaboration is:
1. Easy to use
Intuitive and easy to use straight away, and no training is required.
2. Fully web-based
Fully web-based with native support for WebRTC to enable audio and video calls from the browser without additional software installation.
3. Truly unified
Truly unified, enabling you to manage all your communication tasks from the same user interface, including group chats and video conferencing.
Jo Hannan
Sales & Business Development

Speak to a VoIP expert

Contact our Business Solutions team and feel free to add any questions or comments you would like to discuss about Wildix. Our team will get back to you shortly to assist you.

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