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Fairbuds XL Headphones Bundles

Your ethical, premium performing and great value bundle with the Fairphone, Fairbuds XL & SIM. Enjoy industry-leading repairability with modular designs for your smartphone and headphones that have been made sustainably. Connected with EE’s superfast 5G that has free EU roaming to ensure you’re connected on the go.

Premium performance and sounds designed to last with the Fairphone bundle. 

What the bundle includes

*dependant on bundle chosen

Made fair & smart for you

48MP memory making
Capture your moments with a newly software updated 48-megapixel dual-camera system with an ultrawide lens and super-detailed zoom. Take immersive 4K videos with refined image stabilisation, so even the shakiest of shots appear steady.

Android 13
Super-slick and versatile, you can make your experience your own with the customisable Android 13 OS. With added security and zero bloatware, it’s as clean and easy as it gets.

E-waste neutral
For every Fairphone 4, another smartphone is recycled or refurbished for a second life. This means 100% compensation for the material put into the market, making it e-waste neutral. 

Full HD+ Display
6.3 inches of HD immersive viewing encased in a smooth aluminium body and a 100% recycled plastic back. Functionality combined with robust sustainability.

Yours to open and to keep. A modular design allows you to repair your Fairphone 4 with ease. Simply unscrew parts of your Fairphone 4 and swap them out, all without costing the Earth.

Superfast 5G
Stay connected with 5G, the next generation of superfast connection. Download, stream and share all on the go with the 5G Fairphone 4.

Fairphone 4 in green

Designed for you. Made fair.

50MP Camera
Premium 50MP dual-camera system with next-gen intelligence for the sharpest snaps, ultra-wide landscapes, and finely focussed selfies. Always action-ready when exploring the world, you can rely on your Fairphone 5 to capture every moment smoothly with video stabilisation.

Android 13
Adaptable and unique, Android 13 can mould to your way of working with its range of customisable features and versatile styles, all with the added benefit of boosted security.

Dynamic OLED display
Enjoy smooth scrolling on a vibrant 6.4-inch OLED display with a 90hz refresh rate. Protection is key with a durable Gorilla Glass screen that’s easily replaceable.

E-waste neutral
Every new Fairphone 5 user actions the recycling or refurbishment of an old smartphone, ready for a second life. This process makes the Fairphone 5 e-waste-neutral as all the new material brought into the market is 100% compensated for.

Modular and repairable
A modular design of 10 parts defines the repairable Fairphone 5. With just a screwdriver, you can swap a screen or battery with ease. This is sustainable technology that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Superfast 5G
Superfast connection, no matter the location with 5G capabilities on the Fairphone 5.

Fairphone 5 transparent

Superior sound, sustainably designed OR Big Sound. Bigger Impact

Don’t just hear it, feel it
Superior sounds delivered by a finely balanced 40mm dynamic driver that captures ever note. Presented through silky soft, vegan leather ear cushions.

Noise Cancellation at your control
Bring in the room or leave it out, it’s down to you with a hybrid noise cancellation range. Always available at the click of a button. 

Modular makes it repairable
Enjoy expertly created sounds and sustainability with a modular design that means you can affordably swap any broken or worn parts with ease. 

Industry-leading Battery Life
Over 500 charging cycles for your sounds, plus a battery that’s swappable to double your charge or entirely replaceable if the time ever comes. 

Dual-point connectivity 
Seamlessly switch between users as two devices can connect at once to spread the sustainable sounds of your Fairbuds XL. 

App for IOS & Android
Flick through EQ pre-sets created by Grammy-winning sound engineers to get your premium sounds just right for you. 

Green Fairbuds XL Headphones

Better connected for a better world

5G Superfast connectivity
Enjoy EE’s network for a connection like no other, the UK’s number 1 network for 9 years running.

Free EU roaming
Stay connected while on holiday with nothing to pay, just snap, scroll and share as normal. 

Award-Winning customer service
Your Co-op Mobile for the 5th year running has received the Trusted Service Award from Feefo. We ensure our customers are always happy and cared for.

Climate positive 
Each month your SIM has a climate positive benefit to you and the world, as with our partners Ecologi 10kg of your CO2 is reduced. 

No price rises 
Your Co-op Mobile is committed to a 0% price rise promise in 2024, offering the fastest and fairest service to members and customers. 

man wearing his fairbuds XL whilst holding his Fairphone 5


Own your tech and open it up. Take comfort of having modular designs for your smartphone and headphones that will make longevity easy, enjoyable and affordable. With just a screwdriver, twist and click, you can swap out parts if the time ever comes.
iFixit rate the Fairphone’s and Fairbuds XL 10/10 for repairability, the only smartphone company to receive a perfect review. 

man wearing his Fairbuds XL whilst holding his Fairphone 5

Industry leading warranty

Fairphone offer 5-year extended warranties for the Fairphone 4 and 5, with the 5 also benefitting from 8-years software support. That’s industry-leading manufacturer care in the global smartphone industry.
The Fairbuds XL enjoys a two-year warranty to pair with its industry-leading repairability to deliver unrivalled longevity. 

woman holding her fairphone 5

Climate conscious

Producing new tech is the most CO2 intensive part of any device’s life. Fairphone design theirs to be robust and super long-lasting, whilst incorporating Fairtrade, fair and recycled materials. Not to mention they also invest in projects that reduce CO2 emissions during production. 

woman wearing her fairbuds xl headphones

E-waste neutral

Fairphone recycles electronic waste at the equivalent weight of their devices. This means there is 100% compensation for the fair and recycled materials put into the market. Making the Fairphone’s and Fairbuds XL e-waste neutral.