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Fairphone 4. The greenest mobile on the planet.

Switching your mobile to the Fairphone 4 is an easy way to make a difference to the environment because it’s the most ethical mobile phone you can buy. 

Not only is it created from Fairtrade and recycled materials but you can upgrade parts yourself so you can keep it for longer. And when you sign up, we’ll help you make an even bigger difference to the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

Make the right call choose Fairphone 4


Fairphone 4 in green and grey

The Fairphone 4 bundle comes with:

*Please note, Your Co-op do not currently offer eSims

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Exclusive Fairphone 4 Offer

Buy a Fairphone 4 and get a £40 gift card to spend on

Get your gift card in four simple steps;

Step 1: Buy Fairphone 4 between October 3rd and October 23rd, 2022.

Step 2: Once purchased visit to register your purchase

Step 3: Within 2 working days the registration will be checked by Fairphone, and you will
receive a response via email.

Step 4: You will receive a digital gift card within a maximum of 60 days after


Buying an ethical smartphone doesn’t mean losing great tech innovation.

Not only does Fairphone 4 have great battery life, a 48MP camera, a 25MP selfie camera and dual SIM, but you’ll receive long term support, regular software updates and a 5-year warranty.*

*When you purchase before 31/12/2022. Remember to register your warranty.

Cut 31% of your phones annual carbon footprint with Fairphone 4 

Use the Fairphone 4 for 5 years to reduce your mobile device's annual contribution to global warming by 31%. If you continue using your Fairphone 4 for another 7 years, this increases to 44%. With a 5-year extended warranty and guaranteed software support through till at least the end of 2025, this is now a reality.

Fairphone’s latest life cycle assessment report confirms that replacing or repairing parts of the Fairphone 4 significantly reduces the environmental impact. This is due to the bulk of emissions and finite resource consumption occurring during production. Read the full life cycle assessment report here. 

Climate Positive Mobile

Each month we off-set 25kg of carbon for every new customer through our partner Ecologi. We also fund the planting of a new tree for each customer, every month you use our Climate Positive Mobile service.

Find out more about Ecologi

The Fairphone 4, four weeks on

''Knowing that by choosing to use a Fairphone, I am both lessening my footprint and advocating for a greener mobile industry, is something that cannot be understated. When integrating this switch alongside other lifestyle changes, we are consciously selecting a more hopeful future''

Amelia Crews, Energy Innovation Co-ordinator, Your Co-op Energy

Read Amelia's review of the Fairphone 4


Fairtrade for a fairer world

The minerals in your mobile come from artisan mines from all over the world. The Fairphone 4 is built from 100% recycled plastics and responsibly sourced materials such as Fairtrade gold and aluminium from ASI-certified suppliers, making it an eco smartphone. This means child protection policies are in place and the miners are paid a fair wage and work in safe conditions.
That’s why we only sell ethical smartphones – it’s all about creating a better future for communities and the planet.

Person repairing their Fairphone 4

The most sustainable mobile is the one you keep for longer

The Fairphone 4’s modular design means it’s easy to take apart to access the phone’s screen, cameras, ports and battery, and you don’t need to be an expert to swap out the battery or display.
Upgrading your phone can become a thing of the past. You can simply replace and repair parts with an eco phone, reducing e-waste and emissions.

Man taking a photo using a Fairphone 4

Focusing on what’s important

You’ll never miss out on capturing a memory with the Fairphone 4’s dual cameras. The 48MP ultra-wide lens gives immersive 120° viewing, fast autofocus and uncompromising image quality. The crisp 25MP selfie lens delivers dynamic, detailed photos and videos in any setting. 

Man checking his Fairphone 4

Dual SIM makes ethical sense

Dual SIM functionality (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM) means you can have two different phone numbers on just one phone. Great if you need separate work and personal numbers or, if you’re travelling abroad, use the additional SIM as a country specific SIM and cut down on unforeseen charges from your home provider.

Fairphone 4 phone charger

Accessories and Spares

Fairphone have a range of accessories specifically designed for your new smartphone, this includes items such as cases and chargers.

You can purchase a charger from us when ordering your new Fairphone 4 and all other accessories and spares can be purchased directly from 

Make the right call choose Fairphone

Your Co-op Mobile is passionate about supporting communities and ensuring fairness in our products and services, that’s why we partner with Fairphone. If you’re looking for a truly innovative mobile that really makes an environmental difference, choose Fairphone.

Don't just change your phone, change the world.


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Rethinking Innovation | Behind the Fairphone 4 Design

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Fair TEC

As one of the founding members of Fair TEC we are working with other European Co-op’s and partners, in hopes of tackling the impact of digital technology, now responsible for 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions

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