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Security Statement

As a customer, or if you are thinking of becoming a customer, you will be concerned about how we keep your personal information secure, especially when you are placing information on our websites.  At The Phone Co-op we take data security very seriously. 

We all know that the amount of data now shared and held by computers makes them an attractive target for criminals.  In this environment, our computers and networks need to be protected while ensuring they remain convenient to use and available for customers at all times.

Our websites enable you to find out more about us, place orders, view your bills and send us enquiries; these all get professionally managed, based on a policy of industry standard servers with automatic security updates and commercial software maintained to a high security standard.

We run regular third party scans against our websites to check for vulnerabilities and take immediate action if any need arises.  We also have a regular review process for security, and a roadmap for continuous improvement.

All your interactions with this website are on a secure encrypted link.  You can see this when your browser address begins with the HTTPS protocol.  

On some web pages, where you can raise a question or enquiry for us to deal with, the information is sent to our internal systems via email.  These pages are clearly marked.  You will receive a copy of the web-form information by email and we will reply by phone or email.  We recommend you do not put any confidential information in these forms.

The reality is that no system of security is perfect and new criminal threats are constantly emerging. As a consumer co-operative, we are owned and ultimately controlled by our members, who are customers. The Phone Co-op exists for the benefit of its customer/members which means you can be confident that if we were ever to become aware that our security had been breached, we would act in your best interests. Our Privacy Policy is published on our website where you can find out more about the general use of your data and your rights.

Like us, you should also strive to follow best practice in how you share your data, keep your computer security up to date, and follow good password advice. For further information and for helpful and clear advice we recommend or or for businesses