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How to Check Your Mobile Number from a SIM - 8 Solutions

Remembering your mobile number can be tricky, especially if it's changed numerous times with new SIMs. These days your mobile number is key to most online forms, transactions, authentications and more. But fear not, we have 8 ways to check your mobile number in seconds. 

Solutions in your Smartphone

illustration of a person texting on their mobile

1. Text a Code:

This is a widely available option that allows you to retrieve your mobile or SIM information on-demand. The specific code will vary depending on your network provider, but a quick web search for "find my mobile number [carrier name] text code" should do the trick. For instance, the Your Co-op Mobile network provider is EE and users can text NUMBER to 150 to get their mobile number.
illustration of person checking their phone settings

2. Check Your Phone Settings:

 Your mobile phone should store your mobile number in the settings section which is easy to navigate.

On iPhones, navigate to Settings > Phone > My Number. 

For Android users, the path can vary slightly depending on your device and operating system, but typically it's Settings > About Phone (or Device) > Status/SIM Status > My phone number.

illustration of person checking their contacts

3. Peek in Your Contacts:

Many people save their own number in their contact list, often under a name like "Me" or "My Number." Open your Contacts app and take a look, it may have been hiding there all along! 

Looking beyond your smartphone

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4. Examine Your SIM Card Packaging:

If you haven't tossed the packaging and paperwork for your SIM card away, it might just have your number printed on it. A spot certainly worth checking if using your smartphone hasn't come up with the answer.

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5. Log into Your Online Account:

Most mobile networks offer online account management or in-app management. Log in to your account and look for your profile or plan details and your number should be displayed there along with all the information you could need about your SIM contract. 

illustration of a woman reading a bill

6. Check Your Latest Phone Bill: 

Bill statements often include your mobile number. This might take a little longer if you don't have paperless billing, but it's a guaranteed way to find your number.

Reach Out for Help (as a Last Resort)

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7. Call Customer Service: 

While this might not be the most exciting or obvious option, contacting your provider's customer service can get you the answer you need and allow you to find anything out from a friendly expert. 

Your Co-op Mobile have an award-winning customer service team based in the UK, that has been recognised as one of the best in the industry by Feefo. You can read our excellent reviews by verified customers and find out more about our Feefo award.

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8. Ask a Friend or Family Member: 

If you're out of options, you can always call or message a friend or family member and ask them to share the number they have saved as you in their contact list. By doing this you'll also have the confidence in knowing the number is correct for your mobile. 
By following these tips, you can find your forgotten mobile number in no time, no matter how deep it's buried in your memory.

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