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Is there a limit to the duration of a conference?

There is no limit on the duration of each conference.

Can I play an announcement that greets my conference participants before they join a conference?

When you first use your Chairperson code, you will hear — “The system does not yet have a recording of the conference owner’s name. Please mention the conference owner’s name and then press the hash (#) key”. This is then recorded and will play to each participant as they join, which will confirm to your invited participants that they are entering the correct conference.

If, at a later date, this recording needs to be amended, simply dial in as normal with your Chairperson code followed by the # (hash) key. When you then hear the recording at the beginning of the conference, press the * (star) key and it will then take you through the process of re-record the greeting.

How do I record my conference?

You can only choose to record a call if you are dialled in as a chairperson. When you dial in you will be asked “Would you like to record this call?”. Enter 1 for yes or 0 for no. If no key press is made, the conference will not be recorded.

Recording may be paused and resumed by pressing ‘*5’ during a conference (chairperson only).

  • Once recording is initiated, it continues (subject to being paused or un-paused) until everyone has left the conference.
  • If the chairperson drops out, then re-joins, they do not need to re-request recording as the conference is still being recorded.
  • When the participants join the call they will each be notified “This call is being recorded.”

How do I retrieve my call recordings?

If recording was requested, it will be automatically sent to the registered email address when all participants have rung off the call. The email includes a link to listen to and save the recording. The recordings are only stored on our system for up to 6 weeks and are then deleted for security. If it will be needed at a later date, we advise it is downloaded.

In what format do I enter international telephone numbers, when I dial out using the ‘9’ telephone key-press option?

When dialling out, you will need to enter numbers in the full international format. For example, when dialling to US, the code 001 replaces the 0 at the beginning of the number, then add the state code, followed by number, e.g. 00 1 305 xxx xxxx.

What happens if I accidentally drop out of a conference?

Simply redial and enter your access code.


  • If the conference has been locked by the chairperson, you will not be able to re-join the conference. However, the chairperson will hear you have dropped out and should unlock the conference to enable you to re-join.
  • The chairperson always goes in with ‘admin’ privileges so is not locked out of a locked conference - only non-admin participants are locked out.

As a chairperson, can I eject more than one ‘Last’ participant who joined?

Yes. Once the last user has been ejected, the one before him becomes the last user and would be ejected next. If the “last” user is the chairperson, then the ejection will fail. The system does not skip back through the list looking for a chairperson. So there is currently no way to eject users who joined before the (last) chairperson.

What happens if I enter an incorrect code?

The system will announce “that is not a valid number,” and ask you to try again.

Can people join the call without having to pay for it?

Yes. People can get invited to join the call and the cost will then go to chairperson’s organisation.  As the chairperson, you will need: 

  • To simply press '9' (not *9) to dial out at any time during the conference
  • Dial the number when you hear the dial tone
  • If the called party is busy or doesn't answer, press * or # to return to the conference
  • If the called party answers, they can be spoken to. If they hang up, the conference will continue automatically without themWhile talking to the called party, you can press * to send both you and the caller to the conference (they will go via the greeting message asking for their name as normal, so won't be heard straight away), or you can press # to hang up the call to them and return yourself to the conference without them.

What are the telephone key press options during a conference?

  • # (hash) to speak to an operator
  • *1 mute or un-mute self
  • *2 lock or unlock the conference (chairperson only)
  • *3 eject the last joining participant (chairperson only)
  • *4 decrease earpiece volume (press 8 to exit)
  • *5 pause/restart recording (chairperson only)
  • *6 increase earpiece volume (press 8 to exit)
  • *7 decrease mouthpiece volume (press 8 to exit)
  • *8 exit menu and return to conference
  • *9 increase mouthpiece volume
  • *0 roll call of participants (chairperson only)

How do I add an extra participant to my conference once it has started?

This is a configurable option. At any time once in conference, the chairperson may press ‘9’ to receive a prompt “Please dial a number or press * to return to the conference”. They may then dial an additional participant. The call to this participant is made in the background just as with the initial calls.

The caller is immediately returned to the conference. Failure is not notified. A ‘beep’ will be heard by all participants as the new participant joins the conference.