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Business vs home Broadband: Which is right for you?

To create a successful business, there must be an environment that supports collaboration and growth via ultrafast broadband that always keeps you connected. However, how do you know which broadband plan is right for your business and employees? 

Can a small business or one which is run from home, operate efficiently on a FTTP broadband plan that is designed for home use? 

This guide will discuss the specific differences between home and business broadband that should make it clear which service is right for you.
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What is business broadband?

Fibre broadband for business is a service that is appropriate for the office or large work settings that can provide suitable speeds and bandwidth for any businesses demands. This may include hosting multiple video calls simultaneously, supporting a cloud system, downloading and uploading large files that are vital to business operation and more.
Business Fibre broadband packages can be tailored to meet your business’ requirements, similarly to residential packages for any home. The highest level of wireless broadband performance is not exclusive to businesses, they are mutually available to residential homes too. This allows businesses who operate from home a greater variety of options, when focusing on their requirements and personal budgets.
Typically, business broadband connections can be very accessible across the UK too. In January 2022, it was found that the number of UK properties (including both residential and business) that couldn't receive a decent broadband service (download speed of >10Mbit/s and an upload speed of >1Mbit/s) from a fixed line is 2% of properties. 

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What does business broadband offer in practice?

If you’re running a business containing more than ten employees who work simultaneously, you should consider getting business broadband. There are several key features included in business broadband deals that are essential to keeping your business running smoothly.

The similarities and differences between home and business broadband:

1. Dedicated customer support for business broadband

If your business network connection goes down, it's vital that your broadband service is resumed as soon as possible, or you could risk losing revenue, missing opportunities and damaging your reputation. For that reason, Your Co-op offers businesses higher grade care options, though both receive UK-based customer support, so you can get expert assistance with problems whenever they occur.
On a standard broadband care package, the target to fix the broadband fault is 40 clock hours, though with our Fibre care Premium package this is reduced to only 8 clock hours. All care level add-ons are available to both business and on selected residential broadband services.

2. Security

We offer the same default content filtration on our standard routers for both business and residential use. However, we can offer alternative models which will support advanced settings and configurations, in the case of business Ethernet we can also provide separate, Enterprise level, managed Firewalls.

3. A router that's made for businesses

Your Co-op business and residential standard routers for broadband are largely the same with Wi-Fi 6 on our premium model. Homes and smaller businesses with 10-12 computers operating at once shouldn't require a higher-grade to handle the staff demands. However, if you're a larger business, you may need even more powerful Wi-Fi solutions that can provide coverage that reaches over multiple stories and open office spaces.

We can also provide higher grade alternatives for those who want more granular control of their networks such as being able to set up your own VLAN’s, Multiple SSID’s, custom firewall, content rules and VPN management.

4. Static IP address

Some of our residential broadband services are provided with a single static IP address to identify your computer when connecting to the internet. This is included in our Enhanced and Superfast Plus packages with no additional charge.

If you have business broadband at home or in an office space, you will also be granted a single static IP address as standard, but you can also purchase additional ranges up to blocks of 16. This will enable you to use a variety of specific features that are vital to the daily operation of many successful businesses.

With a static IP address, you can:
  • Run your own server, essential if your company needs to receive large files. This guarantees clients can access your server without difficulty.
  • Host your website or domain name server.
  • Grants remote access by connecting to your computer from another PC so staff can work out of office on business applications.

5. Ethernet

Unlike residential consumers Business broadband customers can also purchase Direct Access or Point to Point Ethernet, something that can support larger businesses who have high bandwidth requirements, multi-site connectivity or the need to support critical network services.. Ethernet offers a dedicated 1:1 connection, Symmetrical guaranteed bandwidth, Lower latency and Higher SLA’s which grant a business more protection over their services agreed performance. 

Is business broadband better than residential?

Ultimately, business broadband and residential broadband are very similar and have very minor differences. The bandwidth and speeds are the same though higher levels of care packages, ethernet, multiple IP addresses and other bespoke add on's are available to business broadband customers. For most instances, the type of broadband that is most appropriate for your needs is the type that was designed for that space.

An office supporting many users, sensitive data and transactions may wish to opt for a business broadband package and take advantage of the higher levels of care, dedicated access or the broader range of add-ons. Likewise, a home may opt for a residential broadband package as their demands are only moderate and don’t require these options.

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