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The Phone Co-op announces new partnership with emporia

Published date: October 2020

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At The Phone Co-op we're delighted to announce this partnership with the launch of three emporia's hero handsets. emporia specialise in designing mobile phones for people whose main priority is ease of use, without complex navigation or menus, and have the ability to connect to others through easy to access multimedia applications accompanied by detailed step-by-step training guides.

Lizzie Hieron, Chief Operating Officer at The Phone Co-op comments: “We’re the UK’s only co-operative telecoms supplier and an established MVNO. As part of the Midcounties Co-operative we’re committed to working ethically, treating our people fairly, and caring for our customers and our communities.

“Working with emporia means we have now positively expanded our product portfolio to bring on three new devices that are easy-to-use and enriching for customers that need simple communication.

“Supporting older people in our local communities has never been so crucial with many people feeling isolated or lonely following months of shielding because of Covid-19 and we hope that our new partnership with emporia will be a great help in keeping families and communities connected during these difficult times where face-to-face visits are unfortunately restricted”.

Chris Millington, UK and Ireland MD of emporia comments: “This partnership is another recognisable milestone for emporia. Our strategy for the UK and Irish markets was to reach the wide audience group in many familiar ways that mirror our different consumers’ habits and platforms. To have such a credible organisation like The Phone Co-op retail our devices is another success since our European expansion and launching here at the start of 2020.”

“We’re especially delighted about working with The Phone Co-op even more so because of its trusted membership model and growing reach in terms of customers and geographical locations. This partnership will see some of our devices available to their members and customers; of which we share a similar older demographic. A huge focus in the interface of our devices is around use ability and independence; enabling our users to learn at their own pace with handset training books and to have a phone that meets their needs. We hope this partnership will enable more retirees to access our devices and technology,” Chris adds.

The Phone Co-op will be stocking the following three emporia devices:

Smart S3

Simple is the new smart with emporia’s latest smartphone. Running on Android 9.0 operating system, and with an impressive 5.5” HD display and 13MP camera, this easy-to-use smartphone combines modern and sleek design, with a simple user interface. Like all emporia devices, it is complete with large text and icons, clear sound, and an emergency button; making it completely user friendly for retirees.


The popular TOUCHsmart operates like a traditional feature phone; with an easy-to-use keypad and large buttons. It gets the name TOUCHsmart as the clamshell phone’s display can also be used as a touch screen to navigate the device and it comes complete with some smart features like internet or built-in WhatsApp, but without all the overwhelming complications that a smartphone can pose for some customers. It has a camera, is HAC (hearing aid compatible), has loud and clear sound, and a built-in emergency call button on the back for assistance. 


This feature phone is a bar design, with a beautiful, wide, clear display and wonderful shape to fit comfortably and confidently in the palm of the hand. It has 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity for best connectivity and coverage. Like all emporia’s phones, it is suited to retirees with its loud and clear sound and hearing aid compatibility.

A charging cradle is included, but it also works with the usual USB-C charging for the easiest way to plug in; the lead can go in any way around for ease. The ACTIVE has a 2MP camera, and of course emergency button for those “just in case” moments.

Like all emporia devices, these three handsets come complete with the right training books and guides to give their users complete support and confidence in their purchase. The S3 smartphone has a comprehensive training guide, the TOUCHsmart has a 10-page WhatsApp guide to introduce users to the world of messaging, and the ACTIVE comes with a comprehensive instruction manual. 

These all enable customers to purchase from a store or retailer like The Phone Co-op and be able to understand and learn their device, apps and smartphone terminology at their own pace. emporia prides itself on creating phones that are intuitive for retirees, give confidence, and are responsive to this generation’s needs. Individual training books in the smartphone range offer exactly that and are the tool to empower customers to become digitally connected; even more so at a time when covid-19 and social distancing restrictions are meaning many customers in emporia’s audience group are left isolated.

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