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Billing & Payments

What are the payment options?

We collect payment of bills by direct debit and this is usually on or around the 28th of each month. The date will be advised on your monthly invoice. Business customers will need to call 01608434070 to discuss payment options with the Business Services team.

What's the billing period?

All services are billed monthly, per calendar month. 

You will usually receive a bill in the second week of the month.

Only calls are billed in arrears, most services are billed one month in advance.

When will the Direct Debit be taken?

We process all Direct Debits so that they are deducted from your bank account 21 days from the date on your invoice.

Can I get the bill by email?

You will receive an email notification when you bill is ready to view each month. Your bill history is available to view in full by logging into My Account. If you opt for a paper bill, there will be a charge of £1.90 per bill but you can change to a paperless bill and avoid that fee. 

Can I view the bill online?

To view your bill you can log-in My Account. You will need a username and password, then you can: 

  • view all of your bills
  • view call details, line rental or broadband charges
  • view the account details​

If you have any problems accessing online billing please watch the video below, view the PDF guide, or call us on 01608 434 000, business customers please call 01608 434 070.

How do I get a copy of a previous bill?

Call us on 01608 434 000 for a copy, or log in to your account to download the month you want.

Can I pay the bill over the phone?

We encourage you to pay by Direct Debit or we can take most major credit and debit cards. Call us on 01608 434 000 or 01608 434 070 for business customers, and have your account number to hand.

My last month's bill payment to you doesn't show on the bill - why?

If you paid us after your payment due date last month, then it won't show as paid on your current bill. It will show on your next bill.

If it still isn't showing, and you have paid, please call us on 01608 434 000 and advise of your payment details. Business customers please call 01608 434 070.

I have selected to pay by direct debit but have received an invoice - why?

We send you an invoice to let you know how much we will be deducting by Direct Debit. It should say "send no payment". 

If there is a requirement to pay, for example, your direct debit form is still being processed, a remittance request will show on the invoice.

There's an issue with the bill amount - what should I do next?

Please call us so we understand the issue. If it's an incorrect charge, we will be able to arrange a credit where necessary, to your next bill.

Why do we undertake credit checks?

We undertake credit checks to safeguard our member’s investment in our Society. When we sell equipment and/or services, our Society is exposed to the risk that a customer (new or existing) may not pay fully for the equipment provided and/or the services used, which may lead to a loss to the Society for the particular customer.

By undertaking credit check we aim to ensure that new customers are credit worthy, and that they are who they claim to be. We may also perform credit checks on existing customers, when they want to upgrade their equipment and/or services.

How do we undertake the credit checks?

We use a third party to provide this service, which includes name and address checks from the electoral roll and other information.

What happens if a credit check is failed?

If a credit check is failed, we may not open a credit account for you. However, we may ask for a deposit instead, which may lead to a credit account being created.


If a credit check is failed, or the value of the order/service is deemed high, we may ask for a deposit before equipment and/or services are provided. Usually, we’ll refund the deposit when we have received a minimum of three full monthly payments. 

How to view your bills online