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The best budget camera phone - The Fairphone 4 (Under £500!)

Do you crave stunning photos but struggle to see how your passion can balance budget and sustainability? With the Fairphone 4, you can achieve true value for money with powerful performance, reimagined camera quality and longevity like no other!

Best Android phone under £500

The Fairphone 4 isn't just the best Android under £500 today but will be for years to come as it's made for longevity and with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. No other smartphone, Android or IOS, can tick the same boxes the Fairphone 4 can, especially from just £430

Fairphone 4 in green

Professional Photography (Without Breaking the Bank)

Dual Camera Delight
The Fairphone 4 boasts a powerful dual 48MP camera system that's been significantly enhanced through a recent software update. Now providing clear, detailed photos with depth like never before, from beautiful landscapes to close-up portraits that show fine textures.

AI, Your New Photography Assistant
Don't let lighting or complex scenes dictate your shots. The Fairphone 4's advanced AI scene detection automatically adjusts settings to optimise your shots. Whether you're capturing a vibrant sunset, a bustling city street, or a cosy candlelit dinner, the AI ensures your photos are perfectly balanced and showcase every detail.
Low-Light Champion 
Say goodbye to grainy, blurry night photos! The updated software excels in low-light photography, significantly reducing noise and preserving details. Capture those spontaneous evening gatherings or the beauty of a starlit sky with stunning clarity.

Unlock Your Creativity
While the AI is fantastic for point-and-shoot scenarios, the Fairphone 4 doesn't limit you. Explore the world of manual controls and unlock your inner photographer. Adjust the now 2x faster shutter speed, aperture, and white balance to achieve the artistic affects you desire.

friends taking photos together using a Fairphone 4

Beyond Great Photos

The Fairphone 4 represents a shift in smartphone manufacturing for the better. It's built with Fairtrade Gold, uses conflict-free minerals, and prioritises ethical working conditions throughout the open supply chain. By choosing Fairphone, you're making a conscious statement that supports a more sustainable and responsible electronics industry.

person repairing their Fairphone 4

Built to Last, Not Landfill

Experience comfort, cost savings and longevity with a truly modular design. Simply unscrew and unclip to repair your Fairphone with affordable parts from the manufacturer. This extends the lifespan of your phone significantly, the average Fairphone is kept for twice as long as leading Apple and Samsung models, reducing e-waste and saving you money in the long run. 

man taking a picture with his Fairphone 4

Future-Proof Investment

Fairphone takes software updates seriously with 5-years of support. The extended software support keeps you updated for longer than any other smartphone brand, ensuring you stay secure and receive the latest features for years to come.

woman holding a Fairphone 4 up to her face

E-waste neutral

Fairphone believes in focusing on materials that are recycled, responsibly sourced and Fairtrade, which is why for every sale they recycle old tech. This means that there will be less electronic waste entering landfills and more fair materials in circulation. 

fairphone 4 in grey

Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

Exceptional Value
Don't let the ethical focus fool you. The Fairphone 4 delivers outstanding features at a highly competitive price point, as the best phone under £500. You get a powerfully updated camera system, a uniquely sustainable build, and long-term software support, so you'll have the latest OS for longer – all without breaking the bank.

Durability You Can Trust
Unlike many smartphones today, the Fairphone 4 isn't designed to be disposable. It's robust and repairable with 8 modular parts you can swap out, ensuring it can withstand everyday wear and tear for the long haul. Saving you money on unnecessary phone replacements and costly repairs.

Not just a mobile, but a symbol of sustainability
Stand out from the unethical, carbon-intensive and wasteful mobile crowd with the world's most sustainable smartphone. You'll reduce your associated smartphone emissions by over 30% and support better and safer working practices for workers.