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Fairphone 4 256GB Co-operatives UK Offer

£40.45 per month
inc vat £48.54 per month

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A beautiful device with an extended warranty*, the Fairphone 4 is the world's first modular, 5G ready smartphone. Change is in your hands.

24 Month Contract

A climate positive bundle with unlimited minutes and texts and up to 100GB of 5G data and inclusive Wi-Fi Calling - with a 99% UK population coverage

Each year, on March 1st, the price of your subscription plan, add-ons (including discounts) and calls will increase by an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published by the Office for National Statistics in January of that year, plus 3.9%.

Please see our CPI Guide page for more info.

*Register your Fairphone within 90 days of purchase, to activate the extended warranty.

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Fairphone 4 256GB Co-operatives UK Offer
Fairphone 4 256GB with unlimited minutes, text and data (O2)
No limit - your out of bundle charges will not be capped
£0 limit - you can't call or text any numbers not included in your bundle
£5 limit - out of bundle charges are capped at £5
£10 limit - out of bundle charges are capped at £10
Fairphone 4 Protective Case - Green
Fairphone 4 Protective Case - Grey
Dual Port USB C & USB A Wall Charger - Plug Only
USB-C 2 Cable Only
Single payment
Monthly payment
* Delivery cost not included