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Fairphone 4 Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair.

Sustainability has never been this powerful. Designed to last, with fair and recycled materials, the Fairphone 4 brings you 5G speed, with great battery life and a premium dual-camera - all backed by a 5-year warranty. Your Co-op Mobile is passionate about fairness in our products and services and we are proud to be partners with Fairphone. Don't just change your phone, change the world #changeisinyourhands

Fairphone 4 Bundle


The Fairphone 4 bundle comes with:

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Woman sat making a call on Fairphone 4

5-year warranty

A phone’s biggest environmental impact comes from making the thing in the first place. So the longer you keep it, the more sustainable it becomes. Simple. Fairphone promotes smartphone longevity and promises long-term support and software updates and a unique 5-year warranty for every Fairphone 4. This is activated via upon purchase, to help increase the average lifespan of your phone.

Fairly sourced and recycled materials

Fairphone is innovating where it counts. With Fairphone 4, Fairphone is pushing to the next level of fair by introducing even more materials that are responsibly sourced and conflict-free. For example, Fairphone is the only brand to have Fairtrade Gold implemented in its supply chain, making it a Fairtrade phone. When it comes to its phones’ batteries, Fairphone is innovating to implement responsible lithium and fair cobalt into the supply chain. Fairphone is also sourcing aluminium from responsible ASI-certified vendors, and the back cover for this environmentally friendly mobile is made from 100% recycled plastics.

Man taking a picture of friends on Fairphone 4

Fabulous images, wherever you are

Capture all your special moments on the Fairphone 4, providing beautiful photos and videos every time. 

The 48MP rear camera and 25MP selfie camera offer better quality in all respects, both for photos and videos.

Fairphone4 taken apart to show modular elements

A modular design for easy repairs

The Fairphone is made of 8 removable modules, with spare parts availability for years to come. Replacing a broken screen or a battery can be done yourself in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of non-modular devices. 

So there is no need to replace your smartphone each year, you can simply replace and repair parts - helping to save the planet and reduce emissions by keeping your phone longer.

Woman making a call from office on Fairphone 4

Dual SIM - For work and play

The Fairphone comes with Dual SIM functionality (1 physical SIM and 1 eSIM), requiring you to only need one phone. This provides the advantage of having two different phone numbers and not having to have multiple phones for different uses. 

Travelling abroad you can use the additional SIM for a country specific SIM, cutting down on unforeseen charges from your home provider. 

Couple looking at their Fairphone 4 devices

Electronic-waste neutral

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream. Fairphone goes one step further to conserve the precious materials used in manufacturing electronic products. When you purchase this ethical smartphone, Fairphone commits to responsibly recycle or give one old phone a second life. This means 100% compensation for the material we put into the market - never done before!

To recycle your old handset through Fairphone click here to find out more. 

Fairphone 4 charger

Accessories and Spares

Fairphone have a range of accessories specifically designed for your new smartphone, this includes items such as cases and chargers.

You can purchase a charger from us when ordering your new Fairphone 4 and all other accessories and spares can be purchased directly from

Rethinking Innovation | Behind the Fairphone 4 Design

Fairphone's Impact Report 2020

The latest Fairphone Impact Report reveals the benefits of social and environmental impact that the company has on people and the planet. 

Read the latest report here