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Doro - when the body gets older, but the mind stays young

Live life as usual

Doro phones are designed to make your everyday life easier. Whether it's the confidence to go out alone knowing that you will be able to contact a loved one at any time, or the ability to feel more connected to the family by sharing photos, sending text messages, or making calls, smartphones open up lots of opportunities to improve your life.

Doro 8080 is the perfect candidate to become your first smartphone. It has been designed with the whole community in mind, with impressive premium features such as large and simple display, loud tone, easy to navigate menus, adjustable font sizes for easy calling and texting, and an SOS button that sends an alert message to your predefined help recipients in the case of an emergency.

Doro 8080 is your perfect fit even if you aren't a tech-savvy person, because your age doesn't mean you need to have an older device. 


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The sophisticated Doro 8080 offers a uniquely effortless user experience. Fully redesigned from the inside out, it not only looks great but also incorporates conversational navigation with Eva and Google Assistant, an unbeatable team for simplifying everything that the user wants to do. Eva is Doro’s whole new software designed to show greater understanding for the user and is especially helpful for anyone who is new to Android.

The Doro 8080 also incorporates technology for delivering a better audio and visual experience. There’s a fingerprint reader for greater security, and a subtly designed assistance button with integrated Doro services that puts help within easy reach.

Doro 8080 comes with
  • Easier to use with conversational navigation and Google Assistant
  • Beautifully design for optimal sound, seeing and touch
  • Assistance button. Pressing this automatically sends a message to your emergency contacts to let them know you might need help

  • Large display. It has a large 5.7-inch display that makes everything look clear and easy to read
  • 16MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera with LED flash
  • 32GB of internal storage (there's a microSD slot for more)


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SIM Only Offer mobile woman happy smiling with mobile. smile!

SIM Only Offer mobile woman happy smiling with mobile. smile!