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Your Free gift - BullGuard Internet Security

Thank you for choosing Your Co-op Broadband as your provider. You are now ready to enjoy your award-winning BullGuard Internet Security free for 12 months, giving you protection for 3 devices across Windows, Mac and Android all with a single licence. 

Click here to download your BullGuard license

What is Internet Security software?

It is important to understand the difference between an antivirus program and internet security software. Antivirus and internet security have the same purpose: securing your online activity and digital life. The difference between the two lies in the features offered. Antivirus has the most basic of features; while the latter has much more to offer and is considered more comprehensive protection. Antivirus, as its name suggests, usually only has protection for virus and other malicious software like Trojans and worms. Internet security software on the other hand, has additional features such as firewall, safe browsing, parental controls, identity theft protection, and more.

Broadband Blogs

Top tips to cut broadband and mobile bills

83% of adults in the UK reported an increase in their cost of living in March 2022, everything from food and energy to transport. It's no surprise that many of us are looking at areas to cut down and save. But one things for certain, hardly any of us want to cut down our use of phones and internet!

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Choosing ethical broadband doesn’t mean losing out on your sports

When you’re looking to choose a broadband package there are a number of things to consider. Think about the type of broadband user you are or are likely to be. How much data you’ll need, how important your Broadband speed is going to be, how long a contract you want to buy into and whether you’d like to bundle up with a call plan.

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Black Friday? How about green mobile?

The cultural phenomenon of Black Friday has become hugely popular in the UK in recent years as consumers rush to buy discounted items in the prelude to Christmas.

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Protecting yourself against cyberbullying

If you’ve ever experienced harassing, threatening or unnerving texts, emails or messages on social media, you’ve experienced cyberbullying.

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