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Sowing the seeds - you can make a greener broadband choice today

As a co-op our commitment is to a fairer, better world which is why we’re working hard at how we can reduce the impact of broadband by creating a low carbon alternative.

In the medium term this requires us to switch to full fibre broadband, something that’s not possible for everyone today as the new full fibre infrastructure gets rolled out in the UK.

Our work with Ecologi offsets emissions through verified carbon credits, and also supports the planting of trees around the world.

Every month Your Co-op Broadband will fund projects to offset 50Kg of our climate positive broadband customers' carbon footprint (that's about 5% of the footprint of an average person in the UK). That continues for as long as you use our services, so a typical 24 month contract will see us offset 1.2 tonnes of CO2. 

We'll also plant a tree each month for every customer which will contribute to future decarbonisation when the trees mature in 10-20 years time.

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What does 50kg of CO2e look like?

It may be hard to visualise what this impact compares to, so some examples are:

  • Taking the tube all the way around the London Circle line 67 times
  • Taking a train from London to Manchester and back, twice
  • Leaving your Smart TV on for 6 months


trees planted



of carbon reduction

About Ecologi

Ecologi are a social enterprise, who only fund carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent . They’ll be helping us at Your Co-op Broadband take real action against climate change. 

Ecologi’s tree planting partner is Eden Reforestation Projects and they plant millions of trees every month around the world.

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Switch to Your Co-op Broadband today for ethical broadband - helping make green choices easier

Why not become a Co-op Member too and we will donate an extra 2 trees in your name. Just fill out the form here and provide your Midcounties Co-op Membership number and Your Co-op Broadband account number and you’ll see the Your Co-op forest growing to support the planet.

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Climate projects Your Co-op Broadband have supported

Man in a peat forest in Indonesia

The Rimba Raya REDD+ project protects 64,500 hectares of lowland peat swamp forest from conversion to oil palm plantations. The project area is in Central Kalimantan province, on the Southern coast of Borneo.

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The Saint Nikola Wind Farm project is located in the Municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria and is designed to generate electricity through wind energy to displace fossil fuel-generated electricity.

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The new NIHT Topaiyo REDD+ project in Papua New Guinea aims to protect the rainforest, conserve local biodiversity, and enhance the traditional landowners and stewards of these rainforests through carbon credit production.

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This project involves the production of electricity through the collection and processing of waste biomass from the Viñales sawmill in central Chile. The waste biomass is directly combusted in a boiler to generate steam, which is expanded through a turbine to generate electricity.

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To find out more about Ecologi Read their blogs here

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Find out how we calculate the carbon impact of our broadband here.